My Multiple Person “Disorder”/ The 3 Versions of Me You’re Likely To Meet

All good blogs start with an introduction to the person writing it. This is what constitutes as mine.

It’s a frequently asked question; why I’m so different. I have learnt to take all criticism as compliments of a sort and even (try to) like them. But this one, I genuinely love.

Every day, when I wake up, I undergo a personality change, depending on how I’ve slept and sometimes, on what happens as soon as I wake.

If I slept well after a day wherein I’ve achieved most of the things I set out to, I am happy. If I don’t, I’m not.

Now to the persons. My name is Obianuju (for those who don’t know), so all the names I’ll use, will be three-letter consecutive derivatives from that name. To wit:

Obi, Anu and Uju

Obi– Subtle, demure, QUIET. This is the girl so many people meet. The one so divergent from Anu and Uju that some people have concluded that we could not be the same. Usually found in class, in places where people are yelling other than churches (she doesn’t like to shout), at Penguin school dinners but strangely, hardly ever at the library. She’s the creative in the family. Almost always attired in a black skirt or a dress of dark colours-  penguin regulations. She loves to write, hardly talks, and is more lethargic than the rest.


I transform into Anu when I’m upset. Stepping on my shoes, I’d remain Obi or Uju. Screaming at me, yelling to the air insults meant for me, polarizing my time on trivial things when I’m busy, asking me questions when I just want to eat, screaming so your saliva sprays on my newly washed hair, criticising endlessly; I transform from quiet and demure or crazy and happy, into angry and all-too-ready to say something I’ll later regret. So I usually just shut up and glare like my life depends on it.


Mad, in a single word.

Found; on hair washing days (I love to wash my hair), on some holidays, around family and friends, on days when the moin- moin in Penguin School is not sloppily cooked and actually looks appetizing. When flies are not buzzing in the hostel, when she has finished her exams, at church, in the library, when everyone around is happy with her, whenever she is complimented and no snide comments have been directed to her in a while. Creative as well, this shows in the photographs she will take, and the ears she will cause to be closed by her admittedly terrifying voice. Too energetic for her own good, she works it out by running or walking really fast around nice young people (who later get the idea that she has a crush on them).

Now you know.

A picture guide; for further clarification:







NB: To forestall the mischief makers, whatever trait I exhibit, I’m still Obianuju.