Knowing God is Good, Knowing and Loving God is better

I’m a very, very picky eater and a slow one. I don’t particularly understand the craze about drumsticks and unless the chicken/turkey wing is soft, please don’t give it to me, it’s so difficult to bite into without staining your clothes and I prefer to use cutlery, even at home.

My cousin is a clown

I don’t eat most swallows, I hate boiled eggs and I do not like garden eggs. Unless you have a couple of hours to spare, please don’t give me pounded/poundo yam, I like yam pottage but only once every couple of years, I like beans but in extremely tiny quantities, one of my cousins (I forget which one) has a picture of me taken when my mom made me finish my garri by fire by force. She gave me the garri (half a cup by 1pm, by 7pm I was still eating it). My family has learned to if not embrace my picky eating, tolerate it. I hate throwing food away so I’d leave it in the fridge until myself or someone else ate it or until someone else threw it away.

A revolution started for me in 2016, when I decided to try making garden egg sauce (it was desperately bitter) but I managed it with sweet potatoes, I tried grilled plantain with egg and sausage filling, I tried boiled plantain and I discovered I loved it and I was thinking perhaps the restrictions I’d self- imposed on my food were too strict but it wasn’t until I tried snails that I knew for sure.

I hated snails until August 27, 2017. I remember the date because it was one of my closest friends birthdays. We were invited to a birthday party in her honor and I knew that I did not want to eat rice that day. So, I scoured the menu, ordered nkwobi as a starter and then a dish called Chef’s combo platter with snails. The only other non rice/ poundo/beans related option was The Chef’s combo platter with prawns and you guessed it, I didn’t like prawns back then. So I settled for the snails and I reasoned that if I couldn’t stand it, my friends would help me finish it or failing that, I’d bring it home for my dad, mom or brother. Imagine how shocked I was to realize that I loved it.

The Chef’s combo platter with snails

I recently watched this Airtel advert, #3G is good, 4G is better and it illustrates Iya Rainbow battling with the traditional gele while her daughter- in- law easily puts on her auto gele. The traditional gele comes apart when Iya Rainbow bends her head, and the amount of flustering over her amuses me. She finally tries the auto gele and can bend her head without worrying about the gele losing its shape. And she chooses to replace all her geles with the easier, shape retaining auto geles. (Just watch the advert).

Proverbs 3:5 & 6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and he will show you which path to take.

It pains me to realize, but sometimes I forget about God when I’m considering solutions to my problems. I relegate him to the level of prawns, snails or worse, boiled eggs and I completely forget what a mighty, mighty absolutely fantastic God I am serving. The God who makes a way where there is no way, the God who brings to fruition every word that comes out of His mouth. The God who surprises and delights me at inopportune moments. And a problem when faced with God by your side, is a problem you can face squarely, head on. So, today spend some time with the God who makes everything beautiful in His time.

Rush Podcast (Podcast Go)

“How do we know what our hearts need this Christmas, if we don’t connect with the one who knows what our hearts always need?” – Healing your heart this Christmas, 00.07.27, Rush Podcast.

“There’s only one thing we need to do… and it’s this, worship” 00.08.25.
“What is worship? Worship is simply telling God who He is, who we trust Him to be”- 00.10.14.

So today, Trust in the One who created you. He more than anyone else knows just what you need at every point in your life. And worship Him.

P. S – I have tried prawns now (love them), plantain and egg frittata (adore it), a bigger quantity of beans and even boiled egg white. (I did not like it very much). I still take ages over pounded yam but I’ve made progress and I’m proud of myself.

P. S 2: Loving and worshipping God in no way means sending Whatsapp Broadcast messages or Facebook or email chain messages. Those are extraordinarily annoying and emotionally manipulative to the extreme.

Please stop doing this if you already do. You will not die. The quality of your life will not be reduced, you will live a happy, peaceful life with greater quality relationships if you put down your phone instead of threatening people with stupid messages like this-

Thank you and God bless you.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy Thursdays Week 16

So Trump won the election yesterday and Nigerian Twitter exploded in wails. I might write a post on what I think later but I don’t plan to post it on here. 
All you need to know is that whether Trump or Hillary had become president of America, the so called “leaders of the free world” (fantastic slogan though, America ๐Ÿ‘), nothing changes the fact that God is on the throne, constantly looking out for his beautiful, precious kiddies. 
Everything go dey alright. Breathe!

But I’d scheduled this blog post for today before I even realized it was the day after the elections. And seeing the results, I think it’s time I put on my happy girl, growing-Christian- girl- giving- testimonies- hat and shifted your focus for a little while.

Y’all ready? Awesome.


 I took a bike on the 26th of October to meet an “urgent” appointment. Straddling the bike, this car, from nowhere seemingly, while reversing almost toppled the bike over and crushed my knee.

But God was looking out for his baby girl. Right before impact, the car stopped. The okada guy was about to start berating the driver when I gave the car a solid but ultimately ineffective whack and told him to drive on. #notimetowitnesspointlessargumentsbiko

I’m just glad my knee wasn’t crushed. 

PS 1: Also people, do not call people to come urgently if you know you’re going to make them wait for thirty minutes afterwards under the hot sun. I hate that nonsense.


If you read the last thing I posted on here, you know that it’s in my nature to be nice. But I’m working on not being so nice anymore, it’s like a signal to people “see this one here, come and take advantage”.

The thing is, niceness is in my nature. It’s what I’m most comfortable with. My default setting. So now, I try to be low key nice. Low key because if you’re highkey nice, people will flock, take advantage and leave you so bitter and angry, you recoil at the taste for years. 

Amyway, back to the point, when I had to go for my CDS clearance, I noticed that the keke who’d picked me was only carrying me. So I decided to be his conductor and I called passengers for him until he had a full napep. 

Then getting closer to our destination, I noticed that he was taking me directly to the NYSC secretariat instead of stopping me at Bode Thomas, I told him to stop so I could get down. I’d had a bad experience with napeps taking you on journeys against your loudly expressed will and fully expecting you to pay them for, in effect, falsely imprisoning you.

There was another corper in the napep. And when I told the man to stop, he told me to calm down. I was already looking through my wallet for the complete fare to Bode Thomas (the Napeps charge an extra #30 to drop you at the NYSC secretariat). Barracks to Bode Thomas is usually N70. I was going to only pay him N70. I’d told him to stop, no?

When he stopped me in front of the secretariat, I gave him N150 for the both of us. He gave me back N50 and told me that although he knew he’d made me angry, he wasn’t going to let me walk when I was the one who called passengers for him. Gobsmacked, once again. And he gave the other girl a pass on the fare, because she and I were talking and he didn’t want to upset me. I was so humbled! I got off the napep with such an awesome feeling of wellbeing and the feeling of being highly valued.

PS 2- I am indeed quite well aware that there exists no such word as highkey. If in fact there is a chart depicting levels of niceness, there would be more than 2 options and highkey and low key would not be the names of the markers either. But they are the names of my markers and they work well. For me.


I am very thankful that God prevented me from hitting someone with a car yesterday. When I started driving, I begged God not to let me kill, hurt or maim anyone. Yesterday, he answered. And I’m more than grateful. Pray for me, please. Pray for my driving also.

PSA: Do not ever drive when you’re tired or sleepy. Ever. Bad stuff will happen. You’ll miss signs, forget what you need to do or hurt someone. More people driving when tired/sleepy get into crashes than people who drive drunk. Do not ever drive tired or sleepy.


My friends just welcomed a bouncing, cute, gorgeous little girl recently, Her name is Oluwasemiloore Ajijola and she is so gorgeous you can’t believe it. Congratulations guys!

Oluwasemiloore Ajijola, we love you!

Their wedding inspired one of my oldest posts


So, on the day of my POP (passing out parade), I aimed to get there super early because I wanted to get my certificate and return home to do something else I’d had slated.

I got to Berger, got on a bus to Iyana Ipaja. It was N250 but given that it had been N200 last year and they removed subsidy this year, that was not a red flag. I got on the bus, paid my fare and sat down. From previous experience, I knew the NYSC secretariat was a bus stop along the road so I checked my WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media, started reading a Wattpad novel etc. He called stops for passengers but until he called a stop called Ajegunle, I wasn’t particularly interested. I didn’t remember much about Iyana Ipaja from last year but I was quite sure there was no stop called Ajegunle. Still he kept on driving and reasoning that he might be taking another route, I stayed on.

Then when the last bus stop was announced and I got off the bus, I found out that I was in Ipaja, Ogun State. ๐Ÿ˜

I explained my predicament to the driver who laughed his head off at me but told me to get back into the bus as he was going to Iyana Ipaja next.

When I finally got to Iyana Ipaja and collected my certificate of discharge, I hung around with Chima for a while and then with my friend Chinyere. I said hello to a former pastor of mine, at the Oasis. He’d brought his 8 month pregnant wife to the camp to collect her certificate.

When I determined to leave, I almost fell. Now, I have recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia and the main symptom of it in my body is dizziness. Incredible dizziness. And then incredible tiredness. I went over to a guy selling yoghurt (to increase my blood sugar levels) and brought out my money to pay but he kept right on wasting my time so I got a chair and went to sit under a canopy. Every part of my body was tingling (my body was trying to compensate by pumping blood faster) and I had to close my eyes because it looked like everywhere was spinning. Even under the canopy, the sun was still hot, I desperately wanted to remove the crested vest because the collar was choking my neck. So I did something I usually wouldn’t; I asked for help.

I went over to my former pastor and I asked him if he could drop me off somewhere where I could get a bus directly to Berger. He said okay and directed me back to my seat until his wife finished her clearance. Then, explaining the situation to his wife, they agreed I’d come with them. And they did not drop me at a stop where I could get a bus to Berger, they dropped me at Berger itself. New Garage to be precise. 

For people who lived in Lekki, this was over- and- beyond nice. Wherever you guys are, thank you. Thank you so incredibly much. May God bless you abundantly and remember this always in your favour.

(PS: I got a doughnut almost immediately afterwards to increase my blood sugar levels.)



http// Very lovely article.

To the Girl Whoโ€™s โ€œToo Niceโ€: You Can Be Kind and Be Strong



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