Cecilia and Deji

There is something about love, something that causes the most seasoned, intelligent individuals to behave like fools. In Cecilia’s case, it caused her to behave like a moron. The object/ subject of her pertinacious and almost crazed affections was a man- boy known as Deji.
Deji was an unreasonable, senseless joker of a person. Fools are generally to be tolerated for only a short while before they fall out of favour with those who could possibly intervene in their foolishness, stopping it before it degenerates into mental disability. But for Deji, Cecilia was not only his wife, she was also his enabler and after 3 years together, she’d enabled him into various addictions, the latest of which was a crazed fascination with prescription medication. Other notable addictions included; antiretroviral drugs (which were not even needed), glass shards (which explained Cecilia’s dress sense), and a fascination with toilets.
After 3 years, their lives settled into a routine. Cecilia went to work. Cecilia came back from work. Cecilia washed Deji’s clothes and cooked his food. Cecilia fell into a fitful sleep. Cecilia was woken up, almost inevitably, at 3:55am, by a manic Deji seeking more drugs. Cecilia found him his drugs, and then went to bed again. Rinse and repeat.
All this came to a climax on a very clear December morning. The harmattan had hit hard and everything, before considered reasonably neat was now coated with an extra layer of dust. Cecilia wearily lowered herself on to the toilet, sticking her toothpaste covered toothbrush in her mouth in unconcerned anticipation of brushing. Someone came into the bathroom. She did not even bother looking up. She heard a zipper being lowered and then she looked up, startled, just in time for the blast of urine to sail directly onto her face and stream into her mouth, clearing all remaining illusions she’d entertained about their relationship.

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