One of my all time, go to favorite romantic songs is The Little Things by Colbie Caillat. It’s so mellow and, her voice? It brings out such mushiness and all those quiet lovely feelings. I have danced with myself to this song. I have hugged myself very tightly to this song. So I want to dedicate this song to my one true love. My truest love.


Because God does the littlest and most profound things for me. He knows my top favorite love languages – Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation. And he affirms me on the daily. He builds me up. He is my happy.
He says to me, when I get on the bus, “Don’t sit there sweetheart, the conductor will join you on that seat so instead of 4, you’ll be 5, the passenger to the left will spread his legs wide and you won’t be able to move it. Sit on the far side of the left, by that window. You know how much you love fresh air”
He says to me, when I’m contemplating buying roadside shawarma and I’m looking at the meat, He says, “Please don’t get that. It looks like 2 straight days of purging to Me”
He says to me on Tuesday afternoon, when there is nothing for me to do at the office. He said, “Ask your boss for tomorrow off. You haven’t done anything today, your colleague is handling the matter tomorrow. If you come, you’ll spend time in the office not doing anything and when you finally go home you’ll be irritated and upset and you’ll have to wash your beautiful shirt that no one was able to admire”
So, I asked my boss for the day off. He agreed and what do you know, my friend tells me that we have CDS two days early on the Wednesday I asked to take off (See my GOD?)
He tells me, when the feeling of depression at the state of Nigeria come, when I hear one Nigerian woman start talking bad about another, he says, read that post. It makes you happy. It makes you hopeful.
He tells me, when the feelings of worthlessness come, he says, do you know how many people love you? How many people like you? Who will be there to open the gate for your mommy at 1AM? Who will decide to make pancake when your daddy has a bad day? Who will give the dog a massage and keep trying to get him to roll over? I know you’re feeling bad. But read this and the introduction to this. Remember the time you and Uche turned the camera around to take a selfie and Nedoux was asking what you were doing? (Hallmark funny! Lawl), remember that time you and Rita had a 30 minute argument, complete with voice notes about the correct way to say LOL? See how much you’re loved, liked, respected. Your work here is not yet done.
He reminds me, when Nonso is being irritating, “As much as possible, live in peace with him. Read this, calm yourself. Go to your room, listen to music. Ignore him.
He reminded me, when I was sewing,” Go and watch the finale of that Telemundo show. You’ll never see it again and you know you can’t understand more than basic Spanish”
He says, when I forget to eat, “Go and eat now, do you want to have ulcer again?” (I prayed the last one away. Yay! 🙌)
He answers me when I call on Him. He is kind. He is firm. He loves me.
The worst times I’ve ever had were preceded by the feelings that God had left me. That no matter how hard I searched for him, I wouldn’t find him.
We talk everyday, usually more than once. It’s very important for me to keep that connection alive.
And more than that, to do the Little things He loves too.

The little things, you do to me are
Taking me over, I wanna show ya
Everything inside of me
Like a nervous heart that, is crazy beating
My feet are stuck here, against the pavement
I wanna break free, I wanna make it
Closer to your eyes, get your attention
Before you pass me by

(back up, back up) take another chance,
Don’t let me (mess up, mess up) I don’t wanna lose you
(wake up, wake up) this ain’t just a thing that you
(give up, give up) don’t you say that I’d be
Better off better off, sleeping by myself and wondering
If I’m better off better off, with out you God

And every time, you notice me by
Holding me closely, and saying sweet things
I don’t believe, that it could be
You speaking your mind and, saying the real thing
My feet have broke free, and I am leaving
I’m not gonna stand here, feeling lonely but
I don’t regret it, and I won’t think this
Was just a waste of time


Don’t just leave, me, hanging on [repeat]

[Verse 1]

Don’t just leave me hanging on


(back up, back up) take another chance,
Don’t let me (mess up, mess up) I don’t wanna lose you
(wake up, wake up) this ain’t just a thing that you
(give up, give up) don’t you say that I’d be
Better off, better off sitting by myself & wondering (don’t just leave me hanging on)
If I’m better off, better off without you God (don’t just leave me hanging on)

Don’t just leave me hanging on [repeat ’til end]

Culled from
Edited by Obianuju J. Ayalogu.

Whatever else you know, know that God will never leave you or forsake you. If you can’t find him, start searching, retrace your steps and when you find him, hold him and tell him, “Daddy, I’m sorry I let you go, please hold my hand and never let me go” (I very strongly believe that this prayer was what stopped me from walking in front of that truck on August 15th, 2014. Because if God is holding your hands, how can you walk in front of a truck?)
Happy Easter everybody!