Freedom Part 3

The water looked murky thought the red shoed girl. What did she expect, she thought to herself. It was water under a bridge, that metaphorical bridge where people threw in people and problems. That probably also explained the stench.
She stepped off the elevation and went back to the car that was currently being fixed. The girl, the usher looked frustrated and ready to start screaming. She knew that feeling intimately. It had only been 3 hours after all.
With that thought in mind, she went over to the rear left of the car and put a reassuring hand on a shaky shoulder. The girl removed the tire completely and made a gesture as though she planned to hold the hand in place. She went back to contemplating the bridge and the waters below.
The same nightmare woke Jennifer up. The monotony of it had become exceedingly tiring. It was a strange thing to ask but could she at least have a different one?
Her wish was granted.
She was 6 years old, playing in the garden while her mother lovingly planted flowers and fruit. Suddenly what had to be a huge man came behind her mother, blocking out the sunlight, creating darkness in the morning. He seemed uninterested in the smiling woman on her knees, reaching instead for the now-silent girl.
She woke up.
The couch was hard.
She didn’t have a couch in her apartment.
The walls were white. The smell of antiseptic reached her. The floor was sparkling and there was an underlying smell
of chalky medicine.
This was a hospital.
Why was she here?