Some remarks in this post might be considered discriminatory to those who adore the thought of not looking like themselves. If you happen to be one of those, and have an ego fragile as glass, “puo n’ebe a! Osiso!”

P.s- This post will contain loads of pictures of my face. No snarky comments please!


Growing up, I was your average cute, pretty, super- introverted talkative. A contradiction, I know. My class teacher, Mrs. Akomolafe once remarked (after I’d chased Bolu (a friend, who I really miss) around the class, telling him a lot of boring stories, that she’d always thought I was taciturn. I do not know why this statement made me so happy. But it did. And it still does.

Back to the matta;

Growing up, my mother had a strict policy concerning me: I could do nothing, absolutely nothing, that would attract boys to me. Thus, lipstick, perfumes, lip gloss and painted nails were absolutely forbidden. Not that the boys did not come. They did. But what Mummy doesn’t know, will not hurt Mummy or give Mummy high blood pressure.

Now however, the same person who continuously ragged on me about not wearing makeup is the same one who happily encourages me to wear it now. Trussing me up for the marriage market, I guess.

For story background, this is how I look with makeup on-


Do not be deceived, my contacts are gray.

Without makeup, this is how I look-

Image or

Image or

In all the immediate above pictures, not a stitch of makeup is on my face. I’m gorgeous and I know it. 🙂


The following are the reasons I hate makeup-

a) It is a nightmare to remove- Image

Not off yet.


Still not off.


Some of it is still on, even now.


Do you know how expensive my face cleanser is? Even cotton wool sef, comes at a cost. Scroll up to that picture of the cotton wool again. Think of doing that, EVERYDAY.

I. No. Fit!

Why would I want to put myself through that stress everyday? For a face that isn’t mine and even makes me feel weird? That brings me to reason 2-

b) I never feel like me wearing makeup.

I become a dainty, breakable version of myself. I cant even eat properly. Instead, I’m sitting like this-


unable to eat, and smiling like this-Image.

Which brings me to reason no. 3-

c) I’m a big fan of comfort-

Image and Image.

Notice how most of my pics are taken when I’m seated, or lying down. And;

Clean face + foundation+ eye shadow + mascara + lipstick/gloss + brown(ish) powder + blush + amazing hair, might have me looking like this-  , Image

but it has me feeling like this-


My routine currently is this- Clean face + glasses/ contact lenses + moisturized face + lipstick. And it works, for me.

Until the next time I have an event and have to be gussied up, expect to see me looking like this- Image

because I cannot go through all that stress. I refuse to.

P.s- If you thought this post was simply a way to show off my face, you’d be right.

Thanks for reading.