Dorky glasses, abovementioned hair
Dorky glasses, abovementioned hair

If you’re reading this,

It’s nice to meet you. On my turf. In my happy place. I may or mayn’t know you. But you’re welcome on here, anytime.

A little about me: My name is Obianuju Jennifer Ayalogu. I am 100% Igbo.

I have a pair of contact lenses, in the color gray but I still prefer to wear my dorky glasses.

I drink at least nine bottles of water a day. I hate boiled eggs and I have a lot of interests.

It’s nice to meet you!


Obi J/ OBJ

My face, at its most normal
My face, at its most normal

32 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. We have met before. You commented on the follow up post I did to the one on inbetweenpeople.wordpress.com, my sister site.
      We’re two different blogs connected to the same name- hrh7.
      Thanks for this comment.

  1. More detail than your “About,” but still short, sweet, and to the point. Blessings and God’s mercies on you, as you live in a difficult place.

  2. Is there perfect hair? In all my born days I never saw any. Your tendrils are quite lovely and – let me tell you – natural skin with all its imperfections is most beautiful indeed! You look mah-velous!

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