I kept a pen for 6 years and other short stories

I kept a pen for seven years…

I have a fascination with unusual pens, whether their unusualness is color related, the place I got it from or the shape. I have a pen shaped like a toy car. And basically everything most people lose often, I have a tendency to keep for ages. Bobby pins; I’ve had my current pair for 3 years. Hair bands, nail cutters, hair decorations, there are some in my room that my mom has threatened to toss out. They’ve been with me for a long long long while. Think 11 years and above.

The point, a colleague of mine received a green pen from a customer and after a while, she forgot it at home. Now I had a green pen too. So we were hanging out after work and she mentioned that I’d taken her green pen. Lol. I then fully explained all the differences between my green pen and her green pen and then I ended with the statement, “Don’t test me oh, I’ve kept one pen for 6 years before.” I had indeed, from age 12 – 18 only ending once my pen bag was filched, probably because of the N1000 I’d taken to keeping there. But as a lesson to everyone who has a pen similar to mine, “do not test me oh, I’ve kept pens for 6 years” and not for lack of usage too. 😊👏👏 I’m clapping for myself.

DiCS personality testing

So in one of my bank’s training sessions, the facilitator had a breakdown of this personality test and she explained that dominant personality types are drivers, result oriented people who don’t particularly care if they hurt your feelings, how they look etc etc. I know some dominant people. Influential people are the kind who care, who’ll take the time to explain why while making you feel like the choice is completely yours but you’d definitely want to do as they say because you see the benefits. And then she explained C and S. Cautious/conscientious (prone to reading everything before signing or agreeing (I’ve read the terms and conditions of quite a few online agreements, think 60 pages of small print, have unbreakable, sometimes unreasonable routines, conscientious people really really don’t want problems and they look for lots of ways not to not get in trouble) and Steadiness. Basically me. I was listening to the personality traits she described and I was like, Uju, this is so you. And then she said, everyone has little bits of all these personalities but the difference is the ones they exhibit constantly. Imagine someone being a C and an S in one body. Chai. Chim o. I almost burst into nervous laughter. I’m a bloody hero guys. I’m a super hero. I’ll sign autographs for you as long as you feed me for an entire day day. And I eat, a lot. 😊

P. S- I have absolutely no idea why the I is always in non capital. I completely forgot what the opposite of capital letters is.

John Oliver- Last week tonight

Please take some time out to watch this show. It’s crazy funny and very very informative. See,

This is my rule, ignore it

I wrote on a previous post, that I’d stop reading blog posts if the blogger didn’t reply comments I’d left on their posts. So an amendment, shit happens. I realize that lots of people have commitments to more than just me and I’m cool with that. I don’t like it at all. But if I like a blog and leave a comment and I’m not replied to, I’m cool. It’s very peaceful not caring too much about crap like that.

Jevinik Place: A review

Went out with a friend today. I suggested Jevinik and he agreed. I had to be at work by 7am and we were to meet by 2. So I was quite hungry by then. Remember, I like food and Jevinik is known for its huge portions.

I ordered Abacha and my friend ordered pounded yam and vegetable soup. And then I ordered Nkwobi to go.

Things to note, you had to order your sides separately. Basically, my friend had to order goat meat separately. My Abacha was good. I had to answer questions about Abacha and what it was from my friend. And my abacha came with zero “encouragement”, zero “motivation”. I had to pick out my friend’s dry fish and munch. I didn’t know you had to order sides separately.

Then there was the bottle of water we did not ask for which the waiter gave us. A confused order perhaps. But still. I’d ordered the abacha as a starter but in the end, it was starter, main course and dessert. I have a tendency to overestimate my appetite. Adaeze can tell you. We had fresh juice, as the waiter called it. He did not make a distinction as to what the fruit was but, come close 😳 it was pineapple juice with lots of foam. You’re welcome. The prices were very very fair, except I just noticed that the price of the goat meats was more than the price of the soup. Lol.

Everything considered, including the 10 minute power outage, I give the place a 3.5/5 star rating.


The 7/10 Phenomenon

My favorite number is 7. It’s a De facto favorite because that’s the day my birthday falls on. 

And speaking of birthdays, I presume that as you grow older, the goalposts of what makes you happy on your birthday change. On earlier birthdays I was never satisfied unless I was celebrated, feted, given oodles of money and told Happy birthday about 50 times.

This day, I really just wish that my office could have said, no baby, you’re not going to have a long ass, completely pointless meeting on your birthday. Go ahead and make some plans with your friends. But alas they didn’t. 

So I’m lying on my bed, planless right now, waiting for Godot to happen so I can finally get it through my head that today I turn a year older and that’s a good thing. 

I suppose the goalposts have changed in that there are no goalposts anymore. 

Happy birthday to me! I wish me a good life, great health, fantastic investments that give me continuous passive income. a future where I don’t pay rent for more than 15 years. I wish that people continue to smile at me, that the sun continues to shine on me and that by this time next year a lot of my dreams come true.

Fair to middling

It’s a beautiful Saturday not that i’ve seen so much of it’s splendour. I’m at work, hoping my colleagues and I won’t have to come in tomorrow as well. life has been good and i have several plans to get to a place where  life is better for myself and everyone i love. One of those plans involved checking up with all of my readers.

How has life been for all of you so far?

p.s- I have absolutely no idea what the title means. i just went with it.

Wedding Playlist Suggestion 5

This song brings memories of laughter. Not because it’s funny. Not because you can laugh to it. But because I danced to it with a very funny guy at my office and I laughed all the while. 

Speaking of my office, I have mixed feelings. Half of people there, the riotously funny, the strict but kind have been moved. As have I. But I do know that the people who’ll replace us are kind and kind is a hop and a jump away from being funny. To me. 

Happy Easter Friday everyone!

And BTW, why don’t people like to dance? It’s like people believe that dancing with a girl= marriage. *rme*. 


To see your face, to hear your voice

And oh, to touch you is a dream come true
So I’m standing here, with my hand held out
Knowing that your love will never fade, I stand amazed without a doubt

And I wanna hear your voice, in the morning when I rise
I think I know I’m just a normal man, only made of sand except when you’re by my side
Will you love me, teach me, don’t leave me I pray
And when I, and I’m thinking of the times
Your hands in mine, together we will stay
You made me better today
Better than I was before
And now my heart can rest and I will search no more
You made me better today, today, today

[Verse 2:]
My heart has wings
Oh you take me away
And every prayer I’ve ever prayed was answered today
So I’m standing here, with my hand held out
Knowing that my love will never leave
My hearts on my sleeve and now I believe

And I wanna hear your voice in the morning when I rise
I think I know I’m just a normal man, only made of sand except when you’re by my side
Will you love me, teach me, don’t leave me I pray
And when I, and I’m thinking of the times
Your hands in mine, together we will stay
You made me better today
Better than I was before
And now my heart can rest and I will search no more
You made me better today

[Verse 3:]
I stand proclaimed, true love is here to stay
I stand proclaimed, forever starts today
You made me better today
Than I was before
And now my heart can rest and I will search no more
Cuz you made me better today, than I was before
And now my heart can rest
And I will search no more
You made me better today
Made me better today.


I’ll look into enabling audio. Because I’ve played this on repeat and its so amazing to listen to. And I want you to listen to it.

Lyrics- LyricsMode.com

Talk Thursday 2

Caution: This is one of my pointless stories/rants. You’ll be assuming all risks of reader dissatisfaction if you continue reading. Reader beware!

Once upon a time I watched a completely stupid story on African Magic. I don’t remember the title but I do know it made me grind my teeth and cover my mouth lest I screamed at the insipidity of the script, the placidity of the actors or the fact that it actually got made into a film.

My face is hardly one I can use to play poker. All my feelings since 2015 can be seen on my face. If I’m angry, you’ll see, if I’m irritated, you’ll see and if I’m incredibly happy, you’ll see. I obviously don’t have time for pretense nor do I necessarily want to pretend.

The plot of the aforementioned story has a Lothario with ill equipped machinery if you can catch that dirty joke, and he plows and mows through girls left, right and center. But he owns his own house, so his stupidity is passed off as being discerning. Okay. But the man has a bias against city girls. He believes that the best place to get women who are virgins, unexposed, beautiful, willing to cook, iron and do domestic chores, honest and submissive is in the village.

So he turns 40 and he decides to go catch one for himself. And he eventually does. Without marrying her, he makes her his live in lover and she becomes his house help with benefits.

Then he notices that his village girl is dirty, and his house is unkempt and she is not willing to do what she used to. And only keeps asking him for money. So he gets angry, gets into an argument with her and then certain things come to light.

Then she runs away/he chases her away and the Good Samaritan she goes to is lo and behold; a virgin, submissive, willing to cook and iron and honest to a fault.

They marry the next day. And that was the end of the film.

I watched yet another stupid film recently.

Girl and boy are childhood sweethearts. Girl grows up, says she no do again. She’s in love with someone else.Girl’s mother tells her she must do because boy has sacrificed a lot for their family, even becoming a house boy at a point and refusing to sleep with his boss’s daughter. Besides, girl and boy signed blood covenant when they were young and only boy can break the covenant.

Girl marries boy grudgingly and makes his life hell. But he still loves her. Then girl invites friend to come in and destroy her home, specifically.

Friend is worried and a little in love with husband so boy eventually is persuaded to free girl from blood oath.

But girl does not want to leave again. She fights with friend and then begs boy for forgiveness for her stupid ways.

And the story ends with some stupid compromise that has girl, boy and friend in annoying love triangle.

What pissed me off the most were people’s reactions to this film. I said girl has been shouting that she wants to go. She’s in love. Object of affection returns the love and she promised to provide monetary value for all he’s done for her plus interest. Let boy let her go.

And I began to hear gibberish. “She’s not serious.”

“That’s how you women are”

“So what if she changes her mind and wants to come back again?”

I understand how stupidity can travel far. I get it. But there is stupidity because you’re tired and really don’t have time to waste analyzing the personalities in a film and the words they speak. And then there’s the stupidity that comes with a supreme sense of being right and never expecting to be challenged because the only people who can challenge you are female and their sex organs make them primed to be labeled that name guaranteed to shut them up: “Ashawo”. That is willful stupidity.

Good housekeeping

  • The NYSC recap post that’s scheduled to appear on the blog tomorrow will be password protected. 
  • There will be two parts of the post and only part 1 will be password protected.
  • The password will be my middle name. My middle name is on this blog. Look for it.

Happy Tuesday Week 14


When I started work this year, I knew that given my desire not to get entangled with the drama that comes with driving and maintaining a car, I would have to regularly take buses.

Not that I had a problem with that. But some days, I’ve had cause to roll my eyes at the antics of my fellow passengers, the bus driver or conductor etc etc. But there are some days when I love the diverse personalities in buses. A while back for instance, after work, I entered a bus and after I’d paid, I decided to read a book I’d had with me all day. Then my seat partner to the right decided that it was as good a time as any to toast me. He introduced himself, I did the same and then I told him that I didn’t want to talk to anyone. But some people have selective hearing. So he kept on asking me questions, joking with me, jostling me when I wouldn’t respond and so on. It was annoying behavior but I wasn’t annoyed. I knew if I responded at all, he would capitalize on it. Then my seat partner to the left passed me a note, “Did you know this idiot from before?” And then I gave up the pretext of reading and started passing notes and doing my best to avoid letting my seat partner to the right see the notes while giving monosyllabic responses to his queries.

It was a very interesting bus ride all in all. My seat partner to the right, the toaster gave me back my bus fare, along with his card and my seat partner to the left rolled his eyes and made me laugh. Some days, I love buses.


Some days, I can’t stand buses. The endless waits for one, the uncomfortable seats, the unilaterally hiked prices. It can get quite annoying. 

It got extraordinarily frustrating three weeks ago. In Surulere for CDS, a friend had introduced me to a cheaper method of getting home that would involve me taking an airconditioned BRT at Ojuelegba to Ketu/Ojota, then a walk and another bus to my preferred stop. Aforementioned friend not being around, I attempted the journey solo. And it would have been perfect. Except that a keke driver had driven away with my change, my phone battery was less than 10%, I needed to sleep badly because I’d deprived myself for too long and I didn’t have as much cash with me as I normally feel comfortable with, for some reason. BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THIS STORY TO NOTE THAT I STILL HAD MONEY.

Anyway, after a while, the horrible traffic situation had the Napep driver take a different route, I had to lug my super tired body up the overhead bridge and down the other side only for me to meet this incredibly long line for the Ketu/Ojota buses. The problem was that they couldn’t print tickets for the buses. Like really? Buses came, buses went, empty BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T PRINT TICKETS! I was extremely tired so I didn’t even have the energy to get mad. I tried to reason with the ticket sellers to get them to find another way to sort the mess out. No luck. I waited for a while when it seemed the machine had begun printing again, but it was only a temporary reprieve and it died again. So I went to the danfos. I just wanted to get home and quickly too. Then I entered a danfo, which only 2 weeks back was N100. When the conductor told me that it was N200, I was quite upset.

Reasoning that I’d pay the same N200 also to get the Maryland/Ikeja bus and whilst Ketu/Ojota was extremely foreign to me, it’s virtually impossible for me to get lost in Ikeja, I got off the bus. A bus driver nearby, it was a police bus but he wasn’t wearing the uniform, asked me why I’d gotten down. A bit irritated with the conversation, I told him it was because I didn’t have enough money to cover the hiked fare. Which was a big fat lie. Then I made to leave so I could board a bus to Ikeja and get started on sleeping and he stopped me. I turned back only to see him opening his wallet to give me money to get home. It isn’t often that I get gobsmacked. But I was. And ashamed. Very ashamed. It’s been a while since I met someone so nice as to offer money to a complete stranger who allegedly couldn’t get home. I refused. Whatever else, I knew I couldn’t accept that money. I’d much rather have paid the hiked fare and had to withdraw money for the second stage of the journey but my conscience wouldn’t have let me sleep if I had taken money from him.So I thanked him profusely but I refused. He asked me how I would get home and I said I’d figure it out somehow. Then I thanked him again and ran to an Ikeja bus. I paid and got started on my sleep. 

It turned out that I didn’t have to withdraw money for the second stage either. I shared the bus with an old acquaintance and he paid both my fare and his. But still, I really like knowing that there are super helpful people still around.


On the 20th of July at 3:25am, I was deeply in my 4th hour of sleep having realized that an extra hour of sleep would greatly help my mood when I had to go and open the gate for my mom’s driver at 5:00am. 

Then my mom came into my room and “Uju, get up. Uju get up. I think Mikey is dead.”

I vaulted out of my bed and ran to the door. As I was about to open the door, my mom dragged me back into the house.

You guys know the I pass my neighbor generators right? Well we have one. Usually, we use it on weeks where electricity supply has been marvelous and we just need light for the fans, the TV or to charge our phones. But last year, someone jumped our fence and stole that generator. We got a new one but chained it with the much larger generators. Then we noticed that someone had pretty much destroyed the support of the new generator, the chained part so they could take it. 

When we got Mikey, we stopped bringing it inside. Present day, the generator repairman my dad uses, called my dad to tell him that he saw our generator in his compound. Knowing how high spirited Mikey is, I knew they’d have to have done something to him so he wouldn’t alert the house. My mom stopped me from going outside because, what if the thieves were still around? They had stolen my wallet before, torn through the window of my parent’s room and taken my dad’s trousers to rifle through for money and phones before. 

When you are woken up because of a problem, then told that you cannot go out to investigate that problem and you happen to be a Christian, the solution is obvious, innit?

So I prayed, for my mad dog, that I wouldn’t find him with his neck snapped and blood oozing out. For our small generator that we’d find it, that I never be put in this situation again.

5:00am came and my mom’s driver knocked on the outside gate. My mom followed me outside. Safety in numbers and all that. Then when I got close to the gate, the dog came out, rubbing my legs. Apparently they had given him something that made him sleep, and then super groggy because he wasn’t coordinated and wasn’t barking and dragging buckets on the floor as usual. But he was alive, and later that day, we got the small generator back.

You may have 10 dogs, a 100 gates, a super security system. But unless the Lord keeps your house, your security is and will always be in vain. Thank you so much Lord. In case you guys haven’t realized yet, Happy ….days are testimony days. And this paragraph is an invitation to try the wonders of God for yourself. Try Him. Please. You won’t regret it.


Most years, I only fall sick once. But that sickness will be a doozy. I’ve had pneumonia, muscle cramps that leave me unable to walk without extreme pain or unable to talk audibly or write legibly or the sickness will be mental instead. And I know my body intimately. Whenever I start to lose weight, it always starts from my hips. Leggings need to be held with a belt, tight jeans become baggy etc etc. Then my face, then finally my stomach. I’m currently rolling my eyes.

So about two weeks back, I noticed pain in my chest and my ribs, trouble inhaling deeply and slight tenderness in my back and ribs. Symptoms of pneumonia. Plus a dangerous stomach ache, missing appetite, a painful tightness in the left side of my head and a racking, productive cough. 

And I was like, Lord, we talked about this last year. That time my leg cramped up and I couldn’t walk properly, remember how I prayed? And the next day it disappeared? I need a miracle Lord. I don’t want to have pneumonia again. I don’t want to have ulcer again, I’ve been eating proper meals at regular intervals, haven’t I, I don’t want to have migraines and eyeaches either, I don’t have any plans to spend time in any hospital. Lord please, heal me. Then I went out with a friend, we got food, asun and ice cream at Coldstone. I got home and was only able to eat about 3 forkfuls. But I shared the asun with my dad and Nonso, shared the Coldstone with Nonso and kept mine in the freezer. And then I went to bed. The next day, the pain in my chest had greatly lessened, the tightness in the left side of my head had disappeared, my eyes were clear and not swollen, I had only a slight discomfort in my stomach which disappeared when I had a proper meal and I was so grateful. Please people, thank God with me.


You gotta appreciate the funnies:


Wedding Playlist Suggestions 2

The last post I did on this topic got some attention on social media. Thanks for liking it guys.

In the last post, someone told me that many things are happening in the world and the fact that I’m not getting married doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

Maybe so. I agree, in fact. But in my world, I’m one of the principal characters, so nothing is happening in my world that has me compiling a wedding playlist. You guys are smart. You understand the difference.

I completely intend to get to the songs that were recommended to me, but I just listened to the song I’m about to recommend; again and I knew it was next on the turnstile.

Wattpad introduced me to this song, actually. In about 3 Wattpad books, at slow dances, at the turning point in the relationship of the characters, they’d pick this song. I was curious, so I went on YouTube to search for it. I did not like the official video of the song, I didn’t. But the video is hardly important. Also, it made me laugh that a romantic song had the line, “I’ll be love’s suicide” in it. But I know fantastic when I hear it. And when I read it.

Speaking of Wattpad and knowing fantastic, check out these books on Wattpad:

a) 100 Reasons Why by Amanda M. It’s unusual, but it was so lovely, it made me cry.

b) The Bad Boy’s Girl by Jessgirl93/BlairHoldenX. In real life, I don’t like bad boys, can’t even imagine myself with one. So, I don’t know why I keep reading about them. But this book is fantastic. Like 100 million reads. Totally awesome. 

c) Last but definitely not least, Like That by HollisMayer. She reached out to me (when I like a book or an article, I have to reach out to the person who’s responsible for it and commend them. It needs to be done) and I told her that she could write professionally. I’d definitely buy. Little heavy on the suspense, but I fell in love with Emily right away.

Also, Adaeze (adaezewrites.com) has a Pay As You Read story out right now called The Escape. It’s good, but then all her stories are good. Check this out!

Before I turn this into a very long article, the song is I’ll be by Edwin McCain. And it’s really really REALLY GOOD.

Thanks go to http://www.azlyrics.com. Thanks guys!


The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath.
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth.
Tell me that we belong together,
Dress it up with the trappings of love.
I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed.
You’re my survival, you’re my living proof.
My love is alive and not dead.
Tell me that we belong together.
Dress it up with the trappings of love.
I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above


And I’ve dropped out, I’ve burned up, I’ve fought my way back from the dead.
I’ve tuned in, turned on, remembered the things that you said

I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your…
I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

The greatest fan of your life.
…greatest fan of your life.


Been a while but Article Recommendation:


Wedding Playlist Suggestions 1

​Nothing is happening. I’m not alluding to anything or giving you guys hints. I just love the lyrics to this song.But if any of you guys are planning to get married soon, may I suggest this song?

While I love the lyrics and that it’s a slow number, it’s not exactly a song you can dance to.

Credit for the lyrics goes to http://www.songlyrics.com. Thank you!

John Waller – The Marriage Prayer 

Artist: John Waller

Album: As For Me And My House

[Verse 1:]


I said till*

Death do us part

I want to mean it

With all of my heart

Help me to love you

More than I love her

Then I know I can 

Love her more

Than anyone else


And bring her in

Your presence today

Make her what 

You want her to be


I pray to hear her heart

I pray she’ll love you more

I pray to cherish and serve her

And we’ll bring you glory today, I pray

[Verse 2: ~Josee Waller~]


I said till 

Death do us part

I want to mean it

With all of my heart

\n Help me to love you

More than I love him

Then I know I can 

Love him more

Than anyone else


And bring him in

Your presence today

Make him what 

You want him to be



Lord, help me love her

As you love the church, your bride

(Josee) Help me submit to him

As I submit to you, my life

Chorus: (2x)


This is my prayer Amen



So the day after I wrote this post, Nedoux contacted me. The minute I saw the notification on my WhatsApp, I had a sense that it related to the post. After exchanging some pleasantries she asked me a question, and that question led to the posting of today. So thank you Nedoux, for exercising big sister concern. It’s nice to be worried over sometimes.

Also, as much as possible, I don’t want to post Talk Thursday on Thursdays anymore lest it be mistaken for hers.

By the way, Grace dear, happy belated birthday. I wish you love, joy, prosperity and deep seated joyfulness.


The world is not kind to women. It is an acknowledged, but commonly ignored fact. But I’m not here to cry about gender inequalities and how unfair they are to my gender.

I’ve had a picture like this since my first year in the University. Photo credit: Britney Spears on Twitter. Smart chic.

The point of this write up, is to point out something that I think a lot of people have warped. Have you ever watched Mean Girls? That constant backstabbing, the constant ambition to destroy others, that’s how life is. Ceasefires of hostilities are called, whenever people make alliances, the most recognizable of which are friendships and marriage.

So Obianuju, WHO IS A BITCH?

According to the 2006 version of the Encarta dictionary, a bitch is a highly offensive term which insults a woman’s temperament.

Thus, a woman can only be called a bitch, when she acts in such a way that can be categorized as bitchy.

But, according to the perceptions of people, who may be jealous or mean, a bitch is a woman or girl who manages to earn more than them or be more successful than they are.

A bitch is a woman who walks on the road and does not bother to contort herself into unnatural shapes so that a man or a boy can pass by first.

A bitch is someone who does not answer to every “Hey baby”and every kissy face made at her.

A bitch is someone who hardly answers strangers when they ask why she’s laughing.

A bitch; is someone who doesn’t like small talk when it’s time to collect the money you’re owing her or when you’re standing over her food.

A bitch is someone who does not tolerate you insulting her, or screaming at her and will knock you down several pegs if you do.

A bitch is someone who will slide out of every one of your surprise lean ins, which are only meant to tap current.

A bitch is someone who does not like strangers holding her hands hostage while drenching her face with saliva.

A bitch is someone who stares at you when you tell her you love her after a day.

A bitch is someone who tells you she has a boyfriend, which is true, when you try to set her up with your friend because you want to be recognized as the ultimate matchmaker during their wedding ceremony.

A bitch is someone who does not believe in swearing for her lecturers when she fails an exam.

A bitch is someone who does not believe that respect should still be maintained when your lesson teacher chases you all around your parents house trying to touch your pubescent private parts.

A bitch is someone who will wrestle you for the remote when you forget to tell her please and decide to hold it hostage.

A bitch is someone who hates being woken up from sleep to make food for her cousin who already has a plate of food in front of him.

A bitch is someone who does not believe that people under 18 should be in relationships especially with older people.

A bitch is someone who will block your number when the first thing you inquire about when you want to take her on a date for Valentine’s Day is whether she’d be willing to have sex with you afterwards.

A bitch, is anyone who will butt into any conversation where the advice bring given to her younger brother is potentially catastrophic.

A bitch is someone who will not allow anyone, employer, family member or not, speak to her or treat her like an incompetent, stupid thief.

A bitch is anyone who believes that promises need to be kept, that friendships shouldn’t be tossed aside without explanation or at least an argument.

Photo credit: http://www.coolchaser.com

Basically, a bitch is anyone who believes in living her life with dignity, respecting herself, respecting others, and their rights when they’re able to comprehend them. A bitch is anyone with a mind of her own. And as such, I’m a bitch.

Obianuju Jennifer Ayalogu is a stark, raving, happy bitch. It took me a long time to learn how to be one but now that I know how to be, I plan to never not be a bitch.


By the way, Nedoux is organizing her first program.

The details of it are in the picture below. So if you’re interested and I do hope you are, just send that email.