Talk Thursday 2

Caution: This is one of my pointless stories/rants. You’ll be assuming all risks of reader dissatisfaction if you continue reading. Reader beware!

Once upon a time I watched a completely stupid story on African Magic. I don’t remember the title but I do know it made me grind my teeth and cover my mouth lest I screamed at the insipidity of the script, the placidity of the actors or the fact that it actually got made into a film.

My face is hardly one I can use to play poker. All my feelings since 2015 can be seen on my face. If I’m angry, you’ll see, if I’m irritated, you’ll see and if I’m incredibly happy, you’ll see. I obviously don’t have time for pretense nor do I necessarily want to pretend.

The plot of the aforementioned story has a Lothario with ill equipped machinery if you can catch that dirty joke, and he plows and mows through girls left, right and center. But he owns his own house, so his stupidity is passed off as being discerning. Okay. But the man has a bias against city girls. He believes that the best place to get women who are virgins, unexposed, beautiful, willing to cook, iron and do domestic chores, honest and submissive is in the village.

So he turns 40 and he decides to go catch one for himself. And he eventually does. Without marrying her, he makes her his live in lover and she becomes his house help with benefits.

Then he notices that his village girl is dirty, and his house is unkempt and she is not willing to do what she used to. And only keeps asking him for money. So he gets angry, gets into an argument with her and then certain things come to light.

Then she runs away/he chases her away and the Good Samaritan she goes to is lo and behold; a virgin, submissive, willing to cook and iron and honest to a fault.

They marry the next day. And that was the end of the film.

I watched yet another stupid film recently.

Girl and boy are childhood sweethearts. Girl grows up, says she no do again. She’s in love with someone else.Girl’s mother tells her she must do because boy has sacrificed a lot for their family, even becoming a house boy at a point and refusing to sleep with his boss’s daughter. Besides, girl and boy signed blood covenant when they were young and only boy can break the covenant.

Girl marries boy grudgingly and makes his life hell. But he still loves her. Then girl invites friend to come in and destroy her home, specifically.

Friend is worried and a little in love with husband so boy eventually is persuaded to free girl from blood oath.

But girl does not want to leave again. She fights with friend and then begs boy for forgiveness for her stupid ways.

And the story ends with some stupid compromise that has girl, boy and friend in annoying love triangle.

What pissed me off the most were people’s reactions to this film. I said girl has been shouting that she wants to go. She’s in love. Object of affection returns the love and she promised to provide monetary value for all he’s done for her plus interest. Let boy let her go.

And I began to hear gibberish. “She’s not serious.”

“That’s how you women are”

“So what if she changes her mind and wants to come back again?”

I understand how stupidity can travel far. I get it. But there is stupidity because you’re tired and really don’t have time to waste analyzing the personalities in a film and the words they speak. And then there’s the stupidity that comes with a supreme sense of being right and never expecting to be challenged because the only people who can challenge you are female and their sex organs make them primed to be labeled that name guaranteed to shut them up: “Ashawo”. That is willful stupidity.


15 thoughts on “Talk Thursday 2

    1. Your friend is right. Only about 1% of the directors and producers actually want to make a difference.
      And I really didn’t plan to post this, I read your post and I just wrote.

  1. LOL, Africa Magic and their magic. I make it a point to avoid most Nollywood movies because I can’t be getting angry over unrepentant mediocrity. There are exceptions, but they are few. Plus, many Nollywood movies portray the level of sexism and misogyny in the Nigerian society. It’s been a while you posted here, nice to have you back

    1. Unrepentant mediocrity is quite right. And honestly, it’s difficult to continually turn a blind eye to it, since they form the opinions of so many.
      It has been a while since I posted. I’ll do my best so it’s not so long next time

  2. Honest to God.

    I saw that second movie on the bus to Abuja. Saw. I tried to follow, but I realised I was becoming duller by the moment. I’m not even joking. I cannot afford that, before I start writing rubbish in processes.
    I wholeheartedly adopt your definition of willful stupidity. Reactions like that leave me exasperated. And once you engage, you’ve lost already.

    1. Well, the mediocrity of African Magic has taught me some lessons. And provided me with some humorous stories. But these days, I don’t have the patience for such annoyance in Parts 1,2,3& 4.
      And I’ve learned my lesson about engaging. Not going to try that again.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. And good luck with NYSC. From what I read, you desperately need some of God’s favor and a healthy dose of luck

  3. I burst out laughing @ “You’ll be assuming all risks of reader dissatisfaction if you continue reading.”

    “The fact that it actually got made into a film” This is the thing that baffles me when I watch some of the less-than-cerebral screenings on Africa Magic, like really?! 😀

    The new generation of Nollywood directors and script-writers are doing a good of rebranding the image of their industry, thankfully!

    1. Thanks girl. And it is heartening to see movies like 76, TWP, It’s Her Day and the likes show up and be celebrated.
      Thanks for commenting

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