Lyrically Speaking…

One of my all time favourite songs of ever and ever is Stand up for the Champions by Right Said Fred.

    Whenever I hear any line, I start singing along to it. I’ve been consumed with compiling Wedding Playlist Suggestions lately and while it’s not a song you’d typically hear at weddings, I might choose to have it in mine. 

    But it makes it on the list of my all time favorite songs mostly for the lyrics and the fact that it affirms that awesome sense of self satisfaction (most) people get when they’ve achieved their goals.

    Today is Saturday. Set a goal for yourself, something that scares you, something you don’t think you’ll be able to achieve. And do it. Achieve it. Then play this song as a reward. 

    Pat yourself on the back. Also, go to the doctor if you sprain your hand trying to pat yourself on the back. :).


    I was built to be the best
    Number one and nothing less
    Leave me to my destiny
    I have waited patiently
    I have vision’, oh I believe
    I know I can count on me

    So stand up for the champions
    For the champions, stand up
    Stand up, stand up
    For the champions, for the champions
    Stand up for the champions
    For the champions, stand up
    Stand up, stand up
    For the champions for the champions
    Stand up

    Here we go, it’s getting close
    Now it’s just who wants it most
    It’s just life that’s how it is
    Cause we have our strengths and weaknesses

    Oh I have vision’ oh can’t you see
    I’m on the move, make way for me


    And when I fall down
    I have to pick myself back up

    So stand up stand up for the champions
    For the champions, stand up
    Stand up, stand up
    For the champions, for the champions
    Stand up

    Stand up stand up
    For the champions for the champions
    Stand up


    Thanks go to for the lyrics. 

    Edited by Obianuju J. Ayalogu.


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    14 thoughts on “Lyrically Speaking…

    1. I still remember the first day i really heard that song (had heard snippets of it before that day), i nearly cried. And till this day that song gives me strength, when am at my lowest moments it reminds me of who i am, that my goals are achievable, that I am born to hold my views no matter how different from the norm they are.
      And at the end of the song, I feel energized, confident that I can take all life throws at me. It’s amazing really.

      Thanks for showing me I have song-mates😙

      1. Thanks for being my song mate. We need lots more songs like it. Songs that make you want to prove that you are in fact someone you and others should care about. Songs that give you strength, that make you want to do things. One of my other favourite songs like this one is Hall of Fame. The Script ft.
        If you haven’t heard that song yet, have a listen.
        Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment, song mate.

        1. Do you know that I know some lyrics from Hall of Fame but never bothered searching for the song title and all. Thanks dearie

    2. I really like this song! And it would be great at a wedding (I wouldn’t use it though)
      The lyrics are so affirming, you can never have too much affirmation.

      1. I fully respect the power of affirmation and this song is indeed a fantastic way to get your daily dose.
        Thanks for commenting Kachi!

    3. I know this song….no, I know the chorus of this song. Its all I had ever known until now. Thanks for sharing the lyrics. It deserves a re-listen from me.
      I’m just wondering/framing my choice of comments to the patient who presents with a sprain from trying to pat him/herself.

      1. It definitely deserves a re- listen. It’s such a feel- good, affirmative song.
        Just make a joke of it; you sprained your arm trying to pat yourself in the back? What a wow!
        Thanks for reading and commenting dear.

    4. Very motivating song, always reminds me of AIESEC and football, I recall it used to be the theme song for Manchester United.

      @”And when I fall down, I have to pick myself back up” is my favourite bit in the song. 🙂

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