Happy Thursday Week 13/Talk Thursday Week 1


I don’t want to write 5 stories of things that made me happy today. I want in addition to that, to talk about completely, totally random stuff.
It’s filtered into Happy “Tuesdays” before even. Here for instance. The stories will be happy, because by nature, I’m a happy person. But today I just want to talk.

Since Thursday last week, Nonso has been giving me the silent treatment. Truth be told, I’m quite relieved. And can I say, I genuinely don’t care. He and I still talk but in stilted sentences(him); “Don’t put off the generator now, I want to watch something” and authoritative ones (me);
“Close my door and put off the light. Exactly the way you met it” but of course when in unfamiliar environments, he reverts back to the familiar, me.
The genesis of this round of silent treatment was on Thursday evening. Nonso has control of the remote about 70% of the time because he instituted a rule. The first person who touches the remote when they bring light or switch on the generator owns it until they take light or switch off the generator.
I don’t have a problem with this rule. When I have the remote, if he asks to watch a show, 8 times out of 10, I’ll let him. And vice versa. But on Thursday, going by his rules, the remote was mine. I didn’t have any particular attachment to what I was watching and if he had asked me to change the channel or asked to see something else, I would no doubt have given it to him. But no. Despite seeing me with the remote, he grabbed it and when I asked him to return it, he told me belligerently that he wanted to watch a match.
When I finally stood up and wrestled the remote from his hand, he began to insult me. I’m not by nature a very stubborn person. But it needs to be established again perhaps, that when I’m provoked to upset, I can and probably will be a first class bitch. But here I was, still being nice. I asked him why he didn’t say please, he insulted me again. Then I turned back to my fried spaghetti and salad and ignored him.
He didn’t eat spaghetti that day. Normally, between him, myself and my dad who had traveled, spaghetti tends to finish before my mom gets to eat. So like I said, the silent treatment has been on for five days now and I’m relieved because I do not have the energy to answer my brother’s regularly- asked profoundly stupid questions (he knows they’re stupid, I know they’re stupid, the whole family knows they’re stupid), or deal with how he takes offense at pretty much everything. I’ve dealt with moody teenagers before. I’m happy for this current reprieve. And I got to eat seconds of my amazing spaghetti. There is no downside to this.
On Tuesday, I was told to go to the Magistrate Court in Ogba to follow up on a file in a court. Although I didn’t know the address of the Magistrate Court, I knew that going there too early wasn’t advisable. So when I finally decided to go, I asked my dad to drop me at Berger. Before he did though, he had to stop at a bank. While he was there, the person who’d parked in front of him came out and seeing me in the car asked me to call (my dad) to move out. He said it a bit rudely but I wasn’t going to make a big deal. I called my dad, my dad assured me he’d be out soon. Then this person came around again and this is where I got pissed, he SCREAMED at me and left. I took it. Then driven by an anger and a refusal to let this situation repeat itself, I unhooked my seatbelt, got out of the car, all the while I felt not a damn thing, then I went over to meet him. And I told him that the fact that my dad’s car was blocking his did not give him the right to talk “at” me and scream at me. Then I went back to the car. When my dad came out, he started telling him a fictionalized version of the story. He cast himself as the beleaguered party. He told me to please call him to move the car. He told me the second time to please call him again. And I the witch, told him that nothing at all gave him the right to tell me to tell him to move the car. He was not my mate and I did not have any right to speak to him like that.
My point already having been made, I listened to this person paint me black with a bit of boredom. My dad apologized. Getting into the car, my dad didn’t say a word to me but after a while we started joking as per usual. And I told him my version. There is no point to this story. Just an annoying event in an otherwise lovely day. I felt guilty after a while though. I can be a bitch yes, but I hate that my dad was the one to apologize for my round of bitchitude.
Now the awesomest story of today, My family just grew!
A little boy named Akosa (short form of Akaolisa I.e the hand of God) was just born to my cousin. And of course, just like his big sister, he waited for an older cousin’s birthday to show up.

But look at that cuteness!

14 thoughts on “Happy Thursday Week 13/Talk Thursday Week 1

    1. Thank you for the well wishes concerning the baby. I get where you’re coming from regarding your brother. I’ve been through the exact same thing with myself and countless other teenagers.
      Thanks for the comment. It is much appreciated.

  1. In Naija people need to start showing respect regardless of age.
    I love the meaning of your new cousin’s name, Akaolisa (hand of God). Beautiful. God bless him. He’s handsome!

    1. Yes they should, seriously. I’ve been called Ashawo once because I didn’t move when a man told me to, a witch because I slapped my lesson teacher for fondling me etc. We need to realize everyday that everything and everyone deserves our respect.
      Thank you, I really love it too. It’s quite unusual. And yes he is. I can’t wait to carry him.

  2. Lol @ “No downside” Ah, sibling rivalry, one day you’ll both look back and laugh, it’ll seem so trivial then.

    Some people walk around with a toxic mix of impatience, ego and anger. Add the Lagos sun to this and you have an atomic bomb in the making.

    Welcome to the world Akaolisa. 🙂

    1. Well, it seems very trivial to me currently. Earlier this year, I promised myself that Nonso would not provoke any reaction from me. He is my brother and I do love him even though sometimes I may not like him.
      I understand about the man actually. But I categorically refuse to be disrespected by random strangers. Not again when I can help it.
      Thank you very much!

  3. Awww….I enjoyed your talk-Thursday, and reading it was so much fun. The remote thing was a big issue in my house between my sister and I till we started working. We quarrelled over everything, both sofas, bed-sides and many more but you know what? That’s the fun part of growing up. Now, we sit before our computers hardly saying anything to each other, as we are busy working. When she’s doing her stuff, I don’t say anything to her because she won’t answer me cos she’s busy, and when I’m writing, she knows she has to stay clear. So, I beg you, please talk to Nonso, you understand him more than he does himself and I’m sure he misses your talk.
    Congrats on the new member to your family, the baby is so fine.
    The rudeness of Nigerians can be really annoying, it’s almost like everyone shouts when they want to make a point. Not everyone knows how to calmly address people.

    1. Hey dear,
      I’ve missed you. Thank you for liking this “new” category.
      I get what you’re saying about your family but although I do care about Nonso, if I initiate conversation with him, then he will have the conviction that what he has done is alright and that it’s okay to keep doing it. I will not give him that power. However, I believe that you and your sister should create a block of time to spend with each other. And by the way, Nonso and I have not had regular talks for a while. So, absolutely nothing to miss.
      I know! All that cuteness in one small child! Thank you!
      Thank you for your comment dear. It is very much appreciated.

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