Happy Tuesdays Week 9


So, last week Wednesday, at night, I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and the hashtag #fuelsubsidy was trending. I read a couple of tweets and I realized why President Buhari had been hesitant to release the 2016 budget. There was no provision for fuel subsidy. And with the foreign exchange crisis, the price of PMS per litre had almost doubled.
As a Nigerian who cares about Nigeria, and believes in being optimistic about the country, I had trouble catching my breath. I cried, I prayed, I cried, I prayed.
By the time I went to sleep, I was no longer hyperventilating and no longer on the verge of a panic attack.
No the fuel subsidy removal does not affect me directly. But it scared me, the potential increase in everything. Everything of course apart from salaries. The potential of retrenchments. My mind was in a tailspin and I was massively upset. I was even more upset at the thoughts of all the wasted opportunities our leaders have had to turn this country around, I was angry at the more than excessive allowances our lawmakers are given every month while the majority of Nigerians only look in impotent rage as we read about the monies they feel compelled to steal apart from those allowances.
I was very upset. I know that the last government quoted price for PMS is not implemented nationwide really. But still, we don’t really feel pain until it’s in our own bodies.
My aunts were visiting and the next morning, on my way to CDS, I went to greet them and they noticed that my expression was unhappy. Anyway, they got the news out of me and they didn’t comfort me or tell me Ndo. They expressed some lukewarm irritation with our leaders but it was what they said when I was leaving that caught my attention and gave me some peace. “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. We go dey alright.”
On Friday last week, I was at court and I met a seriously old friend I’d known first from church, then secondary school then the university. We’d actually planned to meet earlier in the year but best laid plans…
I sat in his car and we had a discussion that lasted exactly 13 minutes. We were on work time. We caught up, and he was giving me advice and I was listening because what the elders can see sitting down and all that 😛.
And then when I asked him how he was coping with the hike in fuel price, he told me that he was dipping into his savings and things were currently dicey but we’d be alright. When he said that, the reserves of my panic attack, intended to be examined later that evening completely depleted. Sometimes, we just need a word in season. And obviously, God wanted me to know that everything will be okay. Thank You, Lord!

STORY TWO: I met an honest repairman Earlier this year, Chike’s iPod screen broke and he the touch button was stiff. He asked me to help him get it repaired. Honestly, when I want to be, I’m an amazing sister. The kind of trouble I endure for the comfort of my brothers ehn?
I asked in about 6 places, assessed etc then I settled on the guy who had given me the cheapest quotation for two reasons:
1. He had a “shop”. Somewhere he stayed where I could easily track him to.
2. Cheapest price quotation.
Originally, he told me to come back in 2 days, when I went there, he wasn’t around so I went back on Monday. He asked me to come back on Friday, because he didn’t have the replacement screen as yet. I came back on Friday, he hadn’t fixed it as yet. He told me sorry and gave me the full deposit I’d given him back. Very nice of him. I suspect that it’s a common occurrence but, with someone I refuse to name prophesying that he’d increase the price he’d agreed to replace the screen for or run away, it was a very pleasant surprise.

3. Thunder lighting my way
A fortnight ago, on Friday, I went to computer village after work for my brother’s Ipod matter. Seeing as I was already in Ikeja, I boarded a bus going from Ikeja to Ojodu Berger. There was none going to Berger straight. And the prices had skyrocketed. Why? I asked. Traffic, they replied. What kind of stupid traffic causes a bus of #150 to hike its price to #400? But there were about 2 buses and the park looked deserted. So when one came that was reasonably hiked, I entered. More drama. I was on the road for 4 hours (6pm – 10pm). I didn’t really mind, I was rereading the Percy Jackson books on my phone. But I had an unbelievably fussy seat partner. This woman would complain about everything and by everything, I do mean every blessed thing I did. If I stretched my leg, complain. Folded it, complain, looked into my bag, complain, stood up (big bus), tirade. I really wanted to put on my headphones and block her out but battery was at 16% and getting drained further.
Then there was an intervention, it started raining. I love the smell of rain, that slightly dusty, pleasantly cold smell. Love it! Well, I didn’t quite love walking in puddles when the bus finally stopped but I was free. It was pitch dark and it had started raining again so I was reluctant to bring out my phone and use the flashlight. And then I noticed something. Precisely when I’d be about to bump into something or someone, a flash of thunder would illuminate my path. When I got to the bus stop, a tricycle passing by my street was there! I got home safe and happy.

4. Toothless and the 22 year old baby

I love animated movies. I love them. Frozen, Up, the Toy Story trilogy, Wreck it Ralph, but my favorites are Tangled and How to Train Your Dragon. I had them both once on my laptop but in 2014, some demon from the pit of hell caused me to delete my favorite movies off my hard drive.
I got Tangled off a friend’s laptop earlier this year but not HTTYD. And I really, really miss it.
But I remember a couple of scenes from it and they’re so beautiful. Remember when Stoick thought he’d lost Hiccup and started crying? And then Toothless opened his wings and showed Hiccup alive? Or when Toothless regurgitated the fish and dropped it in Hiccup’s lap and he took a bite? I always laugh at that scene. I also miss Easy A, the X- men trilogy, A walk to Remenber, He’s just not that into you, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Ghost of Girlfriends Past and How I met your mother.
Cheers, to all our favorite movies. Celluloid has been a blessing. I’m thankful.

STORY FIVE: Finally!


Rhyme and Reason is finally here!
June 11th, The Dome, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.

Register at rhymeandreasonng.com.
What are YOU thankful for?


14 thoughts on “Happy Tuesdays Week 9

    1. Hello! Welcome back.
      You’re welcome. I started this series to highlight the good stuff that’s happened or is happening in my life. It’s gotten a good reception so far.
      What good stuff is happening to you?

  1. We go really dey alright, I’m only angry that we refused to deregulate in 2012!
    That passenger in the bus may have had thorny issues on her mind… Wish I knew what her story was… Or maybe she’s just nasty.
    Now I know why I thought you stayed in Lekki/Ajah, you always put up events in that axis.

    1. I do? I hadn’t noticed.
      The passenger did have some problems. She shared it with the bus at the beginning of the journey and collected donations. But it irritated me that she was being so nasty afterwards. I can be the most sympathetic person to your pains and problems. A lot of the time, that’s who I am. But other times, when I decide that I don’t care or when I’m provoked, I can be a first class, first rate bitch. And she was threatening to pull that out of me. Luckily for my peace of mind, I did not let her succeed.
      Deregulating in 2012 wouldn’t have made much of a difference fas as I can see. I’m no economist so I don’t see what benefit that would have had. But I can be enlightened about that. Seems to me though that the major problem this country has is corruption. And I’m actually thankful that we didn’t deregulate in 2012 because I feel that the monies for subsidy would have been embezzled.
      Anyway, how are you girl? How’s the job? And life generally?

      1. I’m OK Darling, everything is great.
        In 2012 oil prices were better, the government wasn’t broke and most importantly, we’d have long adjusted to the harsh impact. Economists warned that we couldn’t continue to sustain the subsidy payments but we refused to listen. As for embezzling money, who says this administration wouldn’t? It’s not by mouthing anticorruption slogans up and down or by body language. We haven’t strengthened our institutions or revamped our systems, how then do we expect miracles? The budget padding incident shows that corruption is still thriving in our government. I hold no optimism about this government, Ofili says it best- Same shit, different toilet.

      2. Yes, I understand that point of view perfectly. But quoting Professor X in Xmen: Days of Future Past- We have the ability to bear pain without breaking because of that most human of all emotions, hope.
        So yes, it might be just like Ofili said, same shit different toilet. But I choose to believe that the last toilet was a pit latrine built on quicksand but this one at least has a water closet. But let’s see.
        Good to know you’re doing alright.

      3. In her defense;
        1. I was smiling and laughing at my phone when most of the others were complaining. Misery likes corresponding misery. I did not have the energy or inclination to be correspondingly miserable. Ergo…
        2. I look really really young sometimes. I can’t tell you how many people ask me about WAEC or secondary school. Or university. So she might have felt justified as an African woman to bully the children.
        I’m not upset, don’t really care. She acted her drama but she was in pain. I understand completely. Pain is insidious. You don’t even realize how it can corrode everything about you, including your attitude. And I really don’t want to help someone and by so doing take away their voice. Everyone needs checks and although she was way out of line, I did use her as background for my story. So we’re even now, far as I can see.

  2. whew! its been a while i have been here and this make good list. my absence wasn’t deliberate though as my tab and phone pack up same time.

    Thanks for sharing

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