Man Crush Everyday: Daddy

My father is an icon.


When I was growing up, I used to think that my father’s favorite TV show was Tom and Jerry. Then football.
Disney. Nickelodeon. High School Musical. Telemundo. Whatever we wanted to watch, he’d let us and watch it with us. Be interested enough to ask questions, interested enough to ask about the characters if he missed the show. It was later that I realized he genuinely did not care about Tom and Jerry or Super story or Telemundo. He just wanted to spend time with us. My dad really just wants to watch news. And Africa Magic Yoruba. And some football. Shikena. He doesn’t care about Disney or Nickelodeon or Telemundo or Super story. He just wants to spend time with us.

He’s one of those men who takes his time to look great. From his clothes to his shoes, to his car, my dad is quite fantastic in the overall effect. Nothing, as far as he’s concerned is ever enough reason for him to look less than his best. His shoes are polished till they sparkle, he brushes his teeth thoroughly, he shaves so regularly I tease him that he’s shaving a bald head.

No one cares about my comfort and safety like my father. No one. If I’m out of the house at a particular time, I can always expect him to call to find out exactly where I am. And if I’m not home on time, he and my mom will rotate calls to me until I knock on the gate.
My dad is very invested in my comfort. I cannot count the number of times he has given me rides to places that were not even on his route. Not only that, he would drop me off directly at the gate. Or if it is the court, directly at the court’s door



My dad does not beat me. I have the freedom to express shock when I hear of fathers who beat their wives or children up because I have never seen my dad hit my mom and the only time I saw my father beat Chike was when Chike beat me and the only time my dad beat me was when I beat Nonso. For nothing else. At no other time.

My dad makes his own garri. Very rarely do I make it for him. He makes breakfast about 60% of the time for the whole family, sweeps the house, cleans the dog’s cage, the fans, sweeps out cobwebs from all the rooms etc. This is a man who does not believe in telling anyone to adjust when he has to enter a bus, they do it. My dad commands respect, he does not demand it.



My dad is not afraid to cry. And I’ve never thought him any less of a man for doing so. He’s only cried twice though that I can remember, when Nebo died and when my grandmother died. I remember him being very upset when Uncle Felix (his then closest friend) died but I can’t remember him crying.

My dad taught me financial responsibility. After watching me fritter away money, a day came when he took me to a shop and asked me what I needed, why I needed it, if what I planned to buy would last me longer than a month. By the time he was done, my mindset changed and shopping was no longer a stress reliever for me, it was serious business. I expanded on it and I began to budget, track my spending, weigh the cost against the benefits.

My dad taught me to be nice and to treat people respectfully.
If I wanted to fill this story with vignettes that show how my father is a man in a billion, I would. But then again, you might fall madly in love with him and I don’t want to cause anyone the pain of unrequited love. 🙂

Happy birthday Papa!

Umu gi ahurum gi n’anya

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21 thoughts on “Man Crush Everyday: Daddy

  1. So sweet, be careful though because some woman might want to snatch him then again, consolation is that I can bet this man will refuse to be snatched. Happy birthday to him.

    1. Thank you sweetheart. Snatch my daddy ke? I’ve been praying for my parent’s marriage since I was a teenager. Who wan try God?

  2. Awwww….I definitely want my husband to have your dad’s qualities and I want my kids to write and talk about him the way you just did. He is truly a selfless man and he loves his children and family to bits.
    I love love love this write-up.
    Happy Birthday to your dad, may he live long and find so much fulfilment in life.

    1. When I began to list my dad’s qualities for a colleague at work, his jaw dropped. But definitely I want my kids to be like my dad. I want my husband to be like my dad. No halfway point biko. I don’t want a prayer point. I want an amazing sweetheart like my daddy and I say that without fear. I do things for my father not because he commands me to do it but because I want to. That’s the mark of a great man.
      Thank you dear.

  3. Awww, a beautiful birthday tribute to a loving father.

    Your dad is decent man with excellent qualities, I love the way he loves his children. I wish him the very best of God’s blessings now and always. Happy birthday to him! 🙂

    Ah, I am such an emotional person, for some reason, happy tears sprung in my eyes while I read this heartwarming post ( I am blaming it on hormones, I’m a tough girl! Lol)

    1. Hehehe. And I haven’t told you guys all the other stuff yet. Amen Chinedu. I was in God’s ear today about giving my dad a fantabulous birthday present. But now that 2 are gathered. Say a word of prayer for him please. Thanks love.
      You don’t have to be tough all the time. And happy tears are very beautiful. No judgement from this quarter love. E- hugs.

  4. Aww.. Signs that you would marry well 😊
    Happy birthday to your Dad.
    May more men be like Daddy.
    More importantly, may we find them even as we be even as awesome 🍷

  5. I’m smiling at your dad and what you have said about him. He reminds me in many ways of my King.

    Happy birthday to him, may his years bring him joy and peace. As he has set good examples, may his fruits be reference point for good in the land. The desires he has in his heart for this new year, may God grant in Jesus name amen! To more great years ahead.

    Well done Uju!

    1. My father is a super amazing guy. And I’m lucky he’s my father. And thank you, I love reading all the stories of your family too. That hat, I clutched my belly laughing!

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