Happy (Stories) Tuesday – Episode 3

I wasn’t sure I’d post anything today. Coming off 5 days of a serious migraine and attendant issues: fever, inflamed gums, toothache, eye aches etc. I’m at the end stage of the braces journey and I’ve never felt this kind of pain before.
But still:

Some people blurt their dirtiest secrets to their colleagues, the bartender, the cab/Uber guy. I’ve got a dentist (specialist in orthodontics). If you were a patient at LUTH and you had braces, chances are you know him. Anyway, Dr. Uzo was the very first doctor I felt comfortable with. Maybe it was the fact that he smiled, maybe it’s the fact that he’s kind, maybe it’s the fact that he has my time. Maybe it’s the fact that he does not stand on ceremony. Maybe i just like him.
So, on Thursday last week, I had a dental appointment and after the dental stuff was completed, we sat down for our usual gist session. Then he had to go somewhere to do something and i was leaving through the same place. So we walked and talked and when we got to his car, he opened the boot to put his dental equipment (Dear Public Hospitals, please provide dental equipment and tools for your doctors, yeah. It’s shameful that they have to each buy theirs. Thank you!) and I saw something shiny.

Look at the packaging!

It’s a set of salad bowls. He was obviously looking for someone to give it to and I showed interest (in the packaging), so see my salad bowls everyone. It almost makes me want to start experimenting again. Almost.
And sure, I didn’t need it when he gave it to me, beggedmetotakeitoffhishands but later events that day made me soooo grateful for it.


So I’ve mentioned the dog in passing before. The truth is the dog is a 9 week old puppy named Mikey. His full name is Michelangelo. Yes, I named him after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. My brother said that. I only call him by his full name when he’s irritating me.
When we first got him, about a month ago, he was scared and his first night, I went to check on him only to see that he was trying to escape. How cute. So he sleeps inside the house at night.
The dog, puppy actually, has developed a ritual which must be respected. The minute anyone he has gotten comfortable with steps outside the house or steps inside the house, you must stand still while he runs around your leg three times, licking them both. If you don’t, he bares his admittedly adorable little teeth and growls at you. In the month we’ve had him, the first week was dedicated to him trying to run away. I’d go close to him and read to him (so he’d get comfortable hearing the sound of my voice) and he’d growl at me, I’d laugh at him, he’d whimper and then rest his head on his paws.
He let me touch him on the 5th day but until the day i gave him his second bone, he and I were not as close as we could be. 
These days, he stands up on his hind legs whenever he sees me. And quite often I get the feeling that he wants me to carry him like a baby, the way Nonso does



But nahh, I’m not going to succumb.

So Wife Material Season 3 ended. Go read it please. The story is awesome. And like I suspected, there was a divorce. Two actually but I wholly supported one. Still, since I started working (this is not a confession about how I hate my job. I actually really like it), I’ve seen a couple of divorce cases and had my heart broken by the facts. I’m not going to go into the details but they were ultra depressing.
It’s just made me realize that marriage is what you make it and there are 2 sides to every story.
To protect your sanity sha, please don’t get married to someone unless you know them inside out, upside down. Because, if not, you just may find yourself getting married to a HIV positive thief. I don’t agree that love is blind. But even if it is, don’t go into marriage blindly. Please.

So both arms of my extended family are super duper uber close. I’ve said this before, I have a lot of mothers and a lot of fathers. I just haven’t said it here. And consequently I have a ton of cousins.
Anyway, earlier this evening, my uncle on my mom’s side called her, and while i was eating, I noticed that my mom was making those ultra surprised/ scared noises you make when you’re hearing bad news. But then again, my mom is very dramatic.
The gist of the story is: Chike (my cousin Chike, not my brother) and Ikenna (cutie) were on the road. It was raining heavily, the car skidded, then somersaulted multiple times. The car is a write off but my cousins are hale, hearty and jokey.
Thank you God.
When I started this, I asked for miracles to present, thank God with me for this one.


My great aunt on my dad’s side passed on last week. She was getting close to her 90th birthday. I’m so thankful for her life. She’s lived it and lived it very well.
Thank you Lord.

Any miracles you’d like to share?


http:// eccentricsheepie.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/commentary-for-i-am-getting-back-up/ – The poem was lovely.


14 thoughts on “Happy (Stories) Tuesday – Episode 3

  1. I had a permanent smile as I read this post, even about Mikey and I don’t like dogs- actually a phobia kinda issue.
    I like how you explained the terms and conditions before going into marriage, even when you know the person, he or she will still manage to surprise you… How much more someone you don’t know.

    1. You’re scared of dogs? Aww, sorry about that. If you ever want to touch one, let them smell you first.
      And the whole marriage thing, my sister you’ve just got to be praying continuously.
      Thanks love. I appreciate the comment.

  2. I love dogs from afar ..Lol But i would want to own one.. just not sure I would have the time now to take care of it.
    HIV +ve thief ! Lol that’s a lot of baggage.

    1. Lol @love dogs from afar. I can’t say I exclusively take care of mine, he’s a family pet. But if you want to get one, please get a full grown dog.
      Ahh dear, that’s what some people are dealing with in real life these days.
      How have you been?

      1. A full grown dog ke? Babe are you tryna chase me outta my house. When I do get one, will go for a puppy …so we can grow on each other together.
        I’ve been good dearie, thanks …..and you?

      2. Lol. The growing idea seems super nice.
        Glad to know. Apart from the migraine I mentioned, everything is coming up roses on my end. Goodnight.

  3. Hi,

    This post felt like a cosy conversation, I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    I hope you feel much better now, hang in there, the reward of a beautiful smile will make it worthwhile.

    Michaelangelo looks very cuddly, but dogs have always scared me. The only sort of non-human animals that I can stand are of the boiled, fried or grilled variety, preferably well-seasoned.

    I ought to get back to reading Wife Material, I am still in the middle of season 2. Lol @ “…my mom was making those ultra surprised/ scared noises you make when you’re hearing bad news”. My mother does that too.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Heyo!
      Thank you. I always enjoy your comments.
      I feel lots better but there’s that ever present twinge of pain. It’s minute but it’s there. But I’m loads better and I hope so.
      You want to boil my dog? 😦 Or fry him? Or grill him? Well seasoned meats are awesome though, experience taught me that. Jokes aside though, I have gone through all the stages with dogs, loving them, liking them from a distance, hating them. I understand why you feel the way you do. But dogs are mostly awesome and it’s never a bad thing, making friends with them.
      Season 2 was amazing. I stalked her blog and finished it in one night. Amazing. But Season 3 gives it a run for its money.
      Well, the advantage from where I stand, is that when you hear those noises, you can begin to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Cold comfort but still…
      Have an awesome one yourself.

  4. Thank you so much dear for promoting my blog, I promise to make season four bigger even though its not by my power or might.
    I am tired of LUTH, I don’t know how you do it but that hospital makes me realize how frail we are as a country. The dental section is even better as you don’t see a lot of patients, (Imagine that my first time of visiting the dentist was late last year and that was for teeth cleaning).
    Awww…Michaelangelo, ‘I enjoyed Ninja Turtles as a child but I don’t really like the ones they show on Disney now. I have never seen the RAT, what’s his name again? Master…I think’
    I loooooove salads a whole lot and you’re lucky to get them from your nice doctor.
    Thank God for your cousins, and yes, many mothers are like that, my mom will make such sounds and after the call, leave everyone in suspense for a full five minutes, busying about the house before she spills the news.
    Nice post dear.

    1. …. But by the Spirit of the Lord. You’re welcome sweetie. Truth be told, I’ve found that most of the people at LUTH are nice and kind. It makes up for a whole lot of inconvenience. But yes, i keep thinking that since the states especially in the South West are being owed salaries the allowances of our distinguished lawmakers should also be cut. The waste is staggering.
      Adaeze, please don’t get me started on this country and its wahala right now. I’m praying for Nigeria, that God will help the average person to be more selfless and more inclined to truly help others. It starts with each and every one of us.
      Mikey? I personally hardly watch it myself. It’s a little too exciting and my heart was stolen by Hey Arnold and Tom and Jerry a long while back. But the rat is called Sensei.
      I love salads too. Especially salads that have a taste, whether sweet or bitter. I don’t like bland salads. I know. I thanked him vociferously.
      I’m grateful for my cousin’s lives as well. Five minutes? Lol. She’s just ripening your curiosity.
      I appreciate the comment sweetheart. Thank you for leaving it.

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