Happy (Mishmash) Tuesdays- Episode 2

So, it’s has been an interesting 7 days. I’ve run the gamut of emotions from happy to depressed to extremely happy to extremely depressed.
This week’s episode of Happy Tuesdays will be a mishmash of stuff.
3 stories that made me laugh (linked), 1 original story and one picture that made me think.

Let’s get started!

http://qz.com/630945/a-viral-instagram-account-absurdly-imagines-actress-meryl-streep-as-different-foods/ –  I laughed so hard at this. She looks very classy though.

http://morningstoryanddilbert.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/mom-taught-me/ –  ultra sarcastic but with a lovely ring of truth surrounding it.

http://qz.com/630806/thank-you-for-serving-me-when-i-didnt-vote-for-you-a-republican-writes-the-president-after-obamacare-saved-his-life/ –  this was such a touching letter.

I saw my baby again today. He walked to me in his walker and lifted his hands so I carried him. And of course, the love was evident in the way he kept touching my face. It was so beautiful. Not as beautiful as handing him back to his mother though. But very beautiful.




This message gives me peace. Everything will be alright.



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