Happy (Stories) Tuesday – Episode 1

Hello. Hello. Hello.
This is the inaugural edition of this particular post. I hope you like it.
Let’s get started!


Yesterday/early this morning I had the beginnings of a serious headache. Serious because sparks were going off every time I closed my eyes, my eyes were gritty and it hurt to turn my head. Very similar to a migraine. I had debated taking a pill but I planned to sleep in the next 10 minutes so I rejected that idea. I wanted to sign out of my Instagram when I saw it.

She say we should make Jollof rice for her. Volunteers?

I felt like shaking someone. Where is it going to hold? Probably the Island. Hopefully the mainland. Who’s going to take me? And who am I going to take? My head automatically began racing, the headache was so afraid it left.
I’m so excited! I’m one of the biggest  Janette…ikz fans in the world!
To get (more) acquainted with her work, go on YouTube. I’ve posted a video of hers on the blog before, attached to a post.

STORY TWO – The baby who loves me

On Thursday last week, I had to  go to the court, to file a document and follow up on another one previously filed. To follow up, I had to go to the record section of the court. When I got there, I noticed a big baby. I’d call him a toddler but he doesn’t toddle very much yet. He was in his baby walker, playing with the  buttons. Then his mother went to another section of the office and beckoned him to come to her. While he was going, I was walking in the same  direction and somehow I ended up unknowingly standing in front of his walker. Then I noticed my mistake and I wanted to correct it. But there wasn’t enough room to move. So I did the next best thing, I picked him up with one hand and his walker with the other. And he fell in infatuation. From my hair, to my earrings to my glasses, he kept touching my face. I left the office for a while and when I came back, he piloted back toward me. Lol. I didn’t see him today though so 😥

STORY THREE –  The goody bag phenomenon.

Although I don’t like sugar, I love junk food. The funny thing though, is that once I have it, I lose appetite for it. That’s how the first goodie bag came to be. There’d be chocolates I haven’t eaten yet, Skittles, biscuits I haven’t opened, packets of chin-chin, cheeseballs, crackers, granola bars, soybean milk. I’m a hoarder and proud(ish) of it.
Eventually though, a friend would come to my room and snack on the chocolate I’d resolved to eat that day. Or Chike would find my stash and raid it and my nose would be out of joint for the rest of that day. It’s a running joke between my father and I, that I always have a snack buried somewhere.
But for a while, I didn’t. Then I noticed, that although I no longer have my special goodie bag, I definitely have all the ingredients. This is a touching story to me because until that day, all memory of the goody bag had left me. Like I forgot all about it. And so many of my favorite memories are tied to me slapping away my friends hands from snatching my Toblerones.


The RCCG fasting ended yesterday. This morning I actually had breakfast (cereal). Can you believe it!


I was in court today and I noticed a man hopping quickly but with a smile on his face. As always, I was eager to meet another grown up clown when I noticed that he HAD to hop. He only has one leg. There and then, I said a quick thank you to GOD for my legs. Say one for yours too.

8 Habits To Stay Happy In Life


10 thoughts on “Happy (Stories) Tuesday – Episode 1

  1. I love P4cm too….especially Janette…ikz . I think my fave to date is the I WILL WAIT. For events like this I wish I stayed in lag.

    1. I have “I will wait” and the sequel “I waited for you”. It’s amazing. Where do you live now? You might find yourself in Lagos for the programme though.

      1. Oh haven’t listened to I have waited for you. Will check it out. I live in Ph. Very unlikely for me to be in lag, but who knows..

      2. Who knows indeed?
        Please do. I waited for you is her wedding vows, if you can believe it. And i loved the wedding attires like crazy.
        Thank you so much for the comment and the follow-up comment too. I appreciate it.

  2. I dunno what P4cm is….I’ve never attended the event either. I guess I’ll google to read more about it.
    Laughing at your hoarding…sometimes it makes sense to hoard things but no matter how hard I try, I can never leave a goody bag untouched for five minutes.
    I smiled at the story of the baby and I felt so sad about the guy without one leg. I thank God for all my body parts all the time because I know that I am not worthy of His love but then again, His grace is sufficient for me.

    1. P4CM means Passion for (4) Christ Movement. The artists are versatile but their primary form of expression is spoken word. I adore it, even though I watched the very first video by mistake.
      The hoarding, i marvel at myself sometimes. I completely forget all about it until I need a snack and can’t find one. Lol@ you can’t leave it untouched. Different strokes. No big deal.
      The story of the baby, i find that little children fall very easily in like with me. It happened again on Tuesday night.
      I find you have to thank God for every part of you. The stories i hear, the things I’ve seen. I respect myself a lot so i do realize that there has always been a greater power keeping and shielding me. Gots to be very grateful for that too.
      Adaeze, thanks for the awesome comment.

    1. Well, lucky for you, they’ll be in Lagos in June. So someday is very soon.
      And yes, don’t you just love the milk chocolate ones? Once in a while, I even get the dark chocolate ones. Anything other than the white ones.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  3. I hadn’t heard of P4CM before now and had to check on Google, I like the content that I saw on their website.

    Story 5 touched me deeply. Yes, I gave thanks for my legs. Gratitude for God’s grace is everything. 🙂

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