Efulefu Business

  • ON THE 14TH DAY OF NOVEMBER, I was supposed to meet Nedoux i.e Chinedu Ahanonu ostensibly to hand over my beautiful but problematic shoes. We (She, I and my little cousin- it does not matter that she’s taller by 4 inches, I was born before her) had made a date/appointment to meet at the TBC Connect event. And we did. The event was nice. As I had skipped breakfast, I munched 4/5 different plates of small chops, hard candy, Wilson’s lemonade, zobo, fries, chicken and cupcakes. I did not have dinner that night. I did not need to. Pictures above. The blogs of the attendees were very conveniently listed here. Please go visit! Plus, they had so many giveways, everyone won something. 

I’m not entirely sure why this post went up today. Enjoy it though!

P.s – I know there are some ultra generous people scouring my blog currently, if you’re there and you’ve been touched, I would really appreciate this as a present. Waist size 31. *winks* Thank you very much! Kisses. Hugs. ENJOY CHURCH SERVICE TODAY!


15 thoughts on “Efulefu Business

  1. Lovely! I can see that you guys had a swell time. But on a more serious note, how do I miss this?!!! This aint faiir 😑

      1. Hi, Uju where have you been? Been a loonnnggg time. Hope you are doing great compliment of the season and happy new year in advance! We missed you here personally

    1. yes we did. I hit the small chops pretty hard too.
      I’m sorry you missed it too. But hopefully, we’ll meet at the next one.

  2. The pictures say it all: enjoyment galore! I recognized a few of the bloggers, notably Nedoux. 🙂 She got her shoes, after all. Hehe!

    P.S. What is Efulefu?

    1. It’s a term used to describe something perceived as foolish or not particularly worthy of attention.
      And yes, she did get her shoes.

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