Exactly 7 years and 4 days ago, I entered a classroom in the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos. It was dingy. When there was light, it was freezing. When there wasn’t, it was sweltering.
And though they said there was no dress code, I wore my cream shirt and formal black trousers because people are unpredictable.
And, 7 days and 1 day later, after a lot of sweat, tears and yes, cramming, the time came for fulfilment. That morning, as I entered the bathroom with my phone, I just felt something say to me, play Blessings by Laura Story. So I played it on repeat. I was feeling emotionally down in a hard to explain kind of way. Does anyone else get something they’ve worked toward for years and then get depressed? Or is it just me?
Anyhoo, after that I went to go pay my Bar Practicing Fees. Then I went back to my Uncle’s to await my parents and brothers.
Fast forward 3 hours and I started getting dressed. First the camisole, then the shirt, then the suit jacket, then the shoes. Then I asked my dad for help with the collarette.

Complete look without wig or gown


At that point it was 12:40pm and my mom was like you need to go now. And I was like why now? The event starts at 3pm. The place is a 7 minute drive. Why you want to punish me like this?
I went though- 1:30pm, I got there. Before I entered the hall, one dude was like you should not be wearing a shirt and I was like, “interesting” (Law school does not have a dress code for Call to Bar. That knowledge is passed down from set to set (when asked for). Obianuju did not ask, she assumed. I was going to take off my shirt and hope they’d accept my black camisole. My dad said not to bother. No one would care. At that point, I was very warm. I’d worn the gown and it was a sunny day. I entered the venue, the International Conference Centre. And then Problem Number 2 came to the fore, my shoes. Suede shoes are not corporate. But again, NO ONE TOLD ME THEY WERE PROHIBITED!

Waaaay too much trouble

I started praying. “Lord, I waited 7 years for this. Please don’t let me be embarrassed. Please, Lord”
In fact, a very nice young woman helped me make my shirt look like a camisole. Thank you so so very much sweetie! (I hope you happen to read this someday)
But nothing could be done about the shoes.
Fortunately, when I got to the front of the line, after some mild humiliation, I was properly adjusted and no one seemed to notice my shoes. When I got in, I just lifted my hands in thanks.
The ceremony started. There had been rumours that we were going to stand all through while the Chaiman/Life Bencher shook the hand of all 900 (nine hundred!) successful aspirants. That’s what happened the day before my Call in fact.
But the same God who had helped me get through the entry point with minimum humiliation was listening.I got to hear the call and progression of Law Students to something closer to lawyers from the somewhat comfort of my chair.
When it got to my turn, I walked gingerly to the stage (my shoes were very beautiful and very VERY painful to wear). I got to the stage praying all the while, “Lord, please do not let me trip, fall, twist my ankle or be embarrassed in any other way”. And once again, He answered.
I got to the stage, the Life Bencher helped me adjust my wig with a smile (lovely guy) and shook my hand. I collected my certificate on the way off the stage and I stepped down without tripping, falling, twisting my ankle or embarrassing myself in anyway. And the rest of the ceremony saw me on my seat. 
We were NOT lawyers yet though. We had to have dinner with the Body of Benchers. Failure to do so would mean deferring our Call till next year. So I got outside, took a couple of photos and went to have dinner (bread and chicken peppersoup (I had no soup but my neighbour gave me hers because it was cold), fried rice, chicken and 3 day old plantain (I had to use a fork and knife to even cut it) and a cupcake). Then, we closed and I made the long trek gingerly again (does anyone want new shoes?) out of the venue and into my Uncle’s car. It was already past 8. On the drive back to my Uncle’s house, his driver asked my advice for one of his friends who had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, proposed to her, to which she said yes (at first) before she refused. Now she (and her parents) say no marriage, the boy will pay child support (he agreed) and damages to the tune of N250, 000(where my advice was needed).
We got home. And I met a party welllll under way. Took pics.

Ze cake


Hugged and was hugged.
The next day, after a grand total of 45 minutes sleep, I went to the Supreme Court wearing a black shirt, black trousers and black shoes. In case I was sent out though, I had another outfit in my bag. The Registration of my name on the Roll took place in under 20 minutes. I’d thought it would take 2 hours at least.

And that’s how I became a lawyer.

Some more pictures-

And they wanted me to stand!
With mummy
With Daddy
D'banj(Chike) and Nonso
All the food I missed
Messing around in the hall
A lil' bit crazy at the departure hall
A little less crazy
You see why I snip the hair short?
The teddy bear my little cousin gave me

P.s- someone told me a new trick for natural hair: cut okro, boil it, sieve it, then pour over hair. Anyone tried it yet?





46 thoughts on “Transitioning

  1. The lord that has helped you with kontinu to help you IJN. You shall make generation impact and you will fulfill destiny too.

    Congrats on your call to bar, i m sharing in your joy too. God bless your new adventure professionally. 7 years plus no be beans but God has been faithful.

    Happy weekend ahead

  2. Congratulations on your call to bar! Happy for you 🙂
    May you be strengthen for those days ahead when you may weak and success in all you wish to accomplish. Grace be yours! Congrats again and call us for grad party when it’s time. 😉

  3. Whoop Whoop! Congratulations Uju!

    I loved the looks of pride on your parents’ faces. 🙂

    The suede shoes are so beautiful, it would have been hellish trekking in heels though. Lol

    3-day old plantain, but why?! XD

    Slimy okro? I imagine the hair would dry into a matted gooey mess.

    I wish you the very best with your transition into the big corporate world, God bless you dear.

    1. Yes, the shoes are beautiful. I;m feeling generous. Do you happen to be a size 39/40? I’m looking to give the shoes to someone.
      @ Okro, I might try it but i’d make sure to wash my hair with warm to hot water afterward, and my Apple Cider Vinegar of course.
      Yes, my parents were very happy. and I’m happy to have made them happy. Let us hope I continue to do so.
      3 day old plantain, well, I have no explanation.
      Thank you. I’m praying the transition will be seamless. Thank you again.

      1. Very generous of you, but I’m the sort who carries two pairs of shoes to the office, heels for the early morning shakara grand entrance and ballet flats for the rest of the day. They say beauty is pain, I disagree o, pain is a choice, comfort is bliss. Lol

        You are most welcome, Amen!

      2. Lol. I’m not completely being generous. I already have a pair of black suede shoes apart from this one. i actually prefer those and I’ve broken them in too. So, i always knew that i was going to give these ones out. My shoe rack is already filled up and I don’t like having duplicates of anything. So, again, what’s your shoe size?

  4. Eeerrrm……….exquuisce (excuse) meee! I am willing to show up too if i am invited too o. It will be a priviledge to meet a amazing person as you.
    So can i send you an email too, or guys are excluded *sigh*

    You are already feeling generous in letting go of those beautiful shoes?! Awwww. Ur very kind-hearted sha.

    1. o problem. Please do. However, if I happen to give you my BB pin, please be forewarned; I don’t chat regularly.
      Thank you!

  5. I was a lawyer for 11 years. God took me out saying the servant of the Lord shall not strive. Read Job chapter 9 about a daysman and please allow the Helper/ Holy Spirit to undergird everything you do in meek service. Not the precedents of mere men. Even the frail tired ones on the bench.

  6. Congratulations to you! May you find joy and contentment in all that you do.

    What purpose will okro juice serve? If to help get hair in shape, why not soft wax? Curious…

    1. Thank you. I think it’s supposed to make the hair soft and springy. But you do make a great point. What is soft wax and where can I get it?

      1. Ha, I see.
        On soft wax, I haven’t use this in a long time, I have low cut now. However, if you live in Lagos, I have bought styling wax at Shoprite before. They come in different textures, the soft ones tend to be kinder on our hair type. I would expect more options to choose from now, as you know, it’s all trial & error.

  7. Congrats, you just transited from lawyer in embryo to baby lawyer status. Lucky you , a friend of mine had to exchange her shoes with her dad’s driver’s shoes because her suede shoes were not allowed in and it was only the guy’s shoes that could size her. I wonder why LawSchool does not make it a point of duty to let students know about dress codes and all. This post made me go down memory lane. Welcome to the bar, my learned colleague , every other person is educated, we are the only ones learned.

    1. Thank you. Thank you very much.
      And I did search before I assumed. Hopefully the next set will search and this will turn up. Thank you for the great wishes.
      Thank you.

  8. Many, many congratulations on a job well done! May God bless your work. I have great admiration for anyone with a legal mind, and the intelligence and work ethic to be able to use it.

  9. I thought I’d commented! My very serious bad!
    You are a vivid storyteller, have I told you that before? I walked through the journey with you. I have tears stinging my eyes even now although I’ve read the post before.
    You are blessed my darling, in everything and in every way. In your going out and in your coming in, when others say there is a casting down Obianuju will say there is a lifting up. Excellence is your portion and flying high is your duty.

    1. I’m a vivid storyteller? From you that’s high praise indeed. Thank you sweetheart.
      Amen. Amen and AMEN.
      Thank you sweetie. This brought tears to my eyes.

  10. Congratulations Obianuju! May God who answered all your prayers (however silly you felt they were), also answer the prayers that are important to your heart and purpose. May every resource you need at this point of your life be made available to you. Help and destiny helpers will come of their own accord as divinely directed by God so that His will for your life will be made manifested. To a wonderful experience as a barrister with humour, upholding truths and administering justice. Much grace girl.

  11. Congratulations, Uju! I was a bit worried when I read the dress code part, but thank God for answered prayers. May God bless the works of your hands in Jesus name. Congratulations again! 😀

    P.S. Using Okro in hair … is that a real thing? *shocked*

    1. Apparently okro in hair is a real thing. Plus it is something I’m considering.
      I thank God. I really do. So much could have gone wrong but did not and that is something to be thankful for. Something to continually give praise about.
      Amen sister!
      Thank you!

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