[Late Post!] May Day Special: Dealing With Unemployment As A Youth



Hey guys!

Welcome to May! Hope the last four months have been great. I should have posted this yesterday (May 1) but my tablet was unavoidably absent. More so, I was blessed with a long day at the 7 Star Worker Conference held at the Muson Centre, Lagos, Nigeria (it was fantastic!).

But while the rest of the world extol the virtues of the workforce and employees bask in the joy of the 3-day weekend, my mind turns to those on the other end of the spectrum – the unemployed/underemployed youth. Statistics from various sources vary but the bottom line is the same – youth unemployment is a massive problem.

I totally relate with the unpleasant feelings that come with being unemployed or underemployed (having experienced both myself) and that empathy compelled me to share a few thoughts on dealing with this ugly situation.

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