Please let it be true and let it be them

I’m sure (hoping) that you all have heard about the rescue of 200/300 girls and women from the Sambisa Forest by now.
Now everyone reading,  could we please take a stand?

“Our Father in Heaven, we come, each and every one of us this day before your Throne bringing with us the Chibok schoolgirls and their families. Father, at this point we do not question the whys or wheretofores. We are not indulging in conspiracy theories. Father, we simply thank you for this rescue and for these girls. Please let it be them.
Father in Heaven, we also pray for their quick re-assimilation back into society. We pray that their families are able to cope, that their families and friends will be overjoyed to see them and help them, now and always, no matter what it takes. Please Lord, be with their families.
We take control, Lord over their futures. Father, please bless their future endeavours. Give them strength to deal with every new challenge that comes their way. Help them up Lord and hold them up. In YOU.
Resting on YOUR grace.
Hold them up Lord, in the matchless, all- powerful name of Jesus we pray.


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