Freedom 22 (Finale; Part 1)


The hum of the Jeep couldn’t distract her from her thoughts. She stared blankly at the rows of cars in front of her, mindlessly switching on the CD player and reducing the volume to the lowest setting.

In the preceding 5 months, she’d attended and been a bridesmaid in her brother’s wedding and she even suspected Bisola was pregnant now. Johnson definitely didn’t waste any time, she mused.
At the wedding reception, she’d noticed Daniel wringing his hands nervously and she’d known almost implicitly that he would propose soon.
She was happy for Jennifer, really. And of course she fully deserved it. But since she had moved in with her, she’d been frightened and unsure of their current relationship. On the one hand, she wanted to make right everything that had gone on before and on the other hand, she was never really sure how deeply her sister had forgiven her.
They talked about it. Jennifer had really gotten into the habit of sending her loving and reassuring text messages and constantly reminding her that she loved her.
It was taking a while but Jessica was slowly forgiving herself. And as she stroked the golden full length dress in the passenger seat, she understood that her sister had probably forgiven her ages ago.

Daniel had proposed that evening, having asked the permission of Johnson and their father. Jennifer ruined her makeup, kept the poor man on his knees for about 3 minutes and the crowd waiting with bated breath before she finally laughed and said of course she would marry him and how fast could they set everything up? They had then exchanged a kiss that left every single person wishing for a partner and every coupled person making plans.

Jennifer had been so wrapped up in her new fiancé that Jessica had agreed to go home with her father. It had been two years fully since they had had a conversation alone with each other.


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