Freedom 21 (Semi- Final)

They say leopards never change their spots. But for a while, Monday seemed to. Her name was Kelechi, a beautiful, wholesome girl, curvy in all the right places. She was the kind of girl you did not play with. You married her. And Monday made his intentions clear, replacing the sheen of tears in his aunt’s eyes with the glint of matchmaking and giving his uncle a feeling of pride.
For 3 years they courted and when she turned 22, the mutually agreed age, he went to her parents house for the official introduction. When she was brought and asked if she knew the man who had come to marry her and she dimpled at him, it was the best day of his life.

Meanwhile, Joseph had gotten to Owerri where he was working in a manufacturing company in the only position they’d had available- the Assistant Manager’s secretary and supplementing his education on a part time basis.
His zeal for his job soon caught the attention of his boss and their relationship soon evolved into a mentor- pupil kind of relationship.
Soon his boss left, but not before recommending him as his replacement. And that was how he met Nneka. On his way to the CEO’s office for the second stage of his interview, he collided into a girl and some really sharp book edges. She fell down hard, dropping the books on her way down. Scrambling on her hands and knees, she stood up carrying 2 of the books, pointedly ignoring his outstretched palm. When she stood fully, she grabbed the remaining book from his hands and left without saying a word. Staring dumbstruck after her, he was reminded by a sound in the office that he had an appointment.


It was the custom in the village to thoroughly investigate the family and personality of any suitors. In Monday’s case, this was the beginning of the end. When it was found out that he had been implicated in cases of theft and hushed allegations of rape, it was made very plain that Kelechi would not be allowed to marry him.


That evening, Joseph was persuaded to eat dinner with the CEO and his family which he explained on the way, meant him and his daughter.
When they entered the house, Joseph looked around wide eyed at all the items and stopped suddenly when his eyes connected with those of the girl from earlier that day. In her house, when her face wasn’t scrunched up, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he knew with an odd sort of certainty that she was going to marry him. He extended his hand. She shook it.


Three years after, Kelechi was dead. It had shocked everyone in the village, how a person could die before her wedding day with lacerations on her body in her own father’s house. It was even more shocking, that her father was found dead in the exact same manner.
No suspects could be found.

A couple of months later, Joseph came home with his heavily pregnant wife in tow.


10 thoughts on “Freedom 21 (Semi- Final)

      1. Sadly I haven’t. Time is so scarce their days but I will do myself a favour and check it out.

        Awesome writing, Freedom. Awesome.

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