Freedom 19 (hemi- demi- semi Final)

They rushed her to the hospital. After a thorough examination and a barrage of tests, it was determined that apart from the bruises and lacerations on her body, nothing else had been done to Jennifer. They also did a test, personally requested for, on her and trace results of narcotics were found in her blood stream. After giving her some antibiotics, wrapping her wounds and a lot of pitying glances, she was sent home.
From that day onwards, she became paranoid. No one was allowed to touch her food and she personally installed new locks and sliders on her bedroom door. Her hands shook consistently. The simplest noise could make her jump.
After a brief period of remorse and concern from Jessica, her major emotion toward her became disgust and irritation. Her father did not look her in the eye again, that is, until the day she came to him and asked him to evict Uncle Monday.
The plan was set in full. Monday had advised that Joseph run away while he, Monday, was at the farm with his parents, leaving only a note (Joseph had insisted), to reassure them that he was well and had not been kidnapped. This was the last supper. The last night.
All through, Joseph was discomfited by the glint he saw in his cousin’s smile. It did not augur well for him, he knew.
After the good nights and well wishes that usually take place before bedtime; Monday had insisted that nothing be done out of the ordinary, Joseph went to his bed. In the middle of the night, he was awoken by a violent shaking and woke up to see Monday holding a knife.
One express covenant signed with blood later, Joseph was sleepless. His thumb throbbed and he wasn’t sure of the implications for him but he knew that he would most likely regret this later.


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