Freedom 17

We are the chosen generation
Called forth to show his excellence
All we require for life
GOD has given us
We know who we are

Johnson was scheduled to leave today. It had been a strange trip. Extremely so. But it had also been very rewarding. For the first time in what seemed like forever, he and his father were on good terms. Great terms. His other sister had received the knock on the head he had been praying for, been hospitalised, which he had been praying against and been the catalyst in the situation that healed the rift in his family. He had not seen that one coming. He still had not had that talk with her and he was leaving today.

Jennifer was slated to sing her first solo today. She’d been a member of the choir for over a year but had never had enough courage to sing alone. Now, grasping her fathers’ hand, she was finding it.
She had chosen a song that had helped her through so many storms. A song that was more than a favourite. She’d prayed while listening to it, cooked, meditated and worked while listening to it. She was going to sing Same God by Tye Tribbett.
Midway through the song, looking at her sister and Alex, she thought she saw Uncle Monday behind them. She fainted.
A long time ago

The teasing of his little cousin had grown in leaps and bounds. What had started as a joke had now become a complicated labyrinth of deals and agreements. He got Joseph to make all sorts of concessions.
Finally, he asked him why he didn’t just run away. And Joseph turned to him and proclaimed, “I can’t be the one to give my mother a heart attack. They need to be cared for. You need to care for them. Please”
Then Monday knew he had him in the bag. Firmly locked.


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