Teens Blog SF26 – The Door to Your Secret Sin

Let’s talk about the P word. Read, leave a comment. I’d like to hear your views.



There comes a time in which every Christian teen is tested, or should I say tempted. For many reasons that only you know, you chose to open this door.

For “D” when she was 9, she opened this door by mistake, but after that moment, she chose to continue to open this door as she aged because of her low self-esteem and body issues.

For another, this boy chose to open this door out of curiosity and peer pressure from his friends. He was about 11. He knew it was wrong, but he chose to continue doing it for the next several hours until he was caught.

For 17-year-old “R”, he had been practicing his nightly visits for quite some time despite attending church and having a girlfriend.

Once this door is opened, it will most likely turn into an addiction, an addiction that even affects Christian teens.

On an…

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3 thoughts on “Teens Blog SF26 – The Door to Your Secret Sin

  1. Interesting. I don’t know, is porn really that bad? I don’t think so except when it exploits the individuals who are making it. But it exists and I think shaming kids about it doesn’t help the situation. Better to open a dialog with them about the abuse that goes on in the industry, and encourage them to be responsible about it. I’m sure a conversation with their parents would be embarrassing enough to scare them away forever 😀 I hope I haven’t offended you at all.

    1. You haven’t. I understand how pornography seems harmless but then again, the quieter we keep about it, the more it encroaches on our consciousness. Take the average music video today. Then consider that little kids get attracted to it. And rumours of children starring in them.
      It’s a slippery slope. From the purely Christian point of view, it’s a dangerous thing to play with. A sin too.
      From the societal point of view, the implications are dangerously scary. And while I hate to think I’m shaming children, I think this needed to be talked about.
      Thank you for the comment. By the way, Happy New Year.

      1. I totally agree with you in the slippery slope-ness of all of it. Also the inappropriate stuff in music videos that are targeted to kids just amazes me. It’s a hard path to negotiate as a parent, I imagine.

        Happy New Year to you too!

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