Freedom 14

First Baptist Church was packed today. Jennifer checked repeatedly to make sure her sister was in her seat. She’d agreed to return today after much cajoling. They were also having a farewell dinner party for Johnson and Wonder of Wonders, he’d invited their father. Jennifer fought a growing sense of loss but as she reminded herself, her family was expanding. Old grudges had to be buried in the past and left there. And if she could welcome Jessica back into her life with open arms, she could sit across from her father and not let the crushing feeling of betrayal overwhelm her.
She felt a warm hand on her shoulder. About to jerk it off, she turned. It was Daniel. She smiled and laid hers on top of his.
He smiled.
Monday was amused by the intensity of his little cousin. He had sussed out, almost from the first, that unless a change in situation came soon, Joseph’s dreams would die. He had some means. And now that he was here, his uncle and aunt had a caregiver. But he wanted to toy with the intense little man a bit.
The family lunch was going very well. Then their father arrived. It was the first time he had been in Jennifer’s apartment. The first time he had spoken to his daughter since he saw her in the hospital.
Looking at his daughter, he saw the face of his wife as she was when he first met her. Tired, Anxious and Unwilling to listen. He held up a bottle of her favourite perfume. He was going to fight for the heart of his little girls once more. He was going to stand up. 


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