Gospel Music

So the tagline of this blog is (Non) Fiction. Photography. Music. And it occurred to me a while ago that no one on here knew what kind of music I was partial to because I had never posted anything about it. Music that is.

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This post will focus on Gospel Music. Music to praise My Father in Heaven.

This year was special because I fell in love. Deep love too. With who? Who is this man? It’s not. It’s a song. At the Experience Concert 2014, pretty much everyone knew the artist I was partial to. The minute anyone said something like “Isr…”, I was on my feet and screaming. You know who it is- Mr. Israel Houghton! Various songs over various years have caught my attention. They all bore his name. But the 2 I love most are-
i) Hosanna- whenever the shuffle landed on this song, the opening notes would send me to my knees. The others? Would bring me parallel to the floor. Which is just my stylish way of saying, this song made me lie on the floor various times. I guess, in retrospect, it was a good thing he didn’t sing it at the Experience. My clothes would still smell of bleach.
ii) Moving Forward- “I’m not going back, Moving ahead, Here to declare, To you, My past is over, In You, All things are made New” Enough said. I be loving this song. Loving it, I tell you.
Other special gems include- Identity, Still Standing, Jesus at the Centre and the evergreen Say So.

Emmykokz & Dunnie- Amarachi
Listen to this song. Really listen. It’s amazing. Patewo!

Hillsong (and all its branches)
Which of their offerings can I hold up and claim special connection to? Let me think. None. Pretty much every song of Hillsong has held me spell bound in worship to Big Daddy. List of greatest hits- With Everything, Evermore, Oh You Bring (this one makes me all warm and happy), Arms Open Wide and Glow (by the kid branch of Hillsong- Hillsong Kids Worship Team). Totes amazing! *waggles fingers*

Lord E- “All the Way”. You don’t know this? Well, you should! “so we go dey thank the Lord for im goodness. Thank the Lord for the tin wey im do.” Plus, it has that high tempo beat people (myself included), love. Listen to it. Learn it. Love it!

Listen to the Sound- Building 429
I do not have this song to listen to at will. Which makes me quite sad. But it’s ever so often playing on Channel 331, DSTV and usually there’s a girl who has fought off everyone for the remote, listening to it. “Listen to the sound of hope that’s rising. Up. Over your presence …” And from a totally aesthetic point of view, I want to scatter the lead singer’s hair. Perhaps a mischievous POV? I dunno. I just want to scatter it.

Joyous Celebration – For the ever awesome- Big God. “My God is big o! Oh oh oh. My God is fine oh. Oh Oh Oh” Dance.

Come to Me- Jamie Grace
The lyrics of this song made me drop everything and listen. And the video is something special too. But most of all, the voice. Wow. Looking ever forward to hearing more from Jamie Grace.

Lecrae- So my baby girl no 2. introduced me to this rap star. Packed a whole lot of his songs onto my phone. One of the ones that caught my attention especially is Show Out Flame- “I don’t have a heaven and I don’t have a hell.  I can’t put you in either. But He surely will”. I. LOVE!

What do I know of Holy- Addison Road. This song had me screaming (high volume on headphones) down the road. And by screaming, I mean “singing”.

At the foot of the Cross- Kathryn Scott.
I was so addicted to this song, I used to itch when I didn’t play it for a while. I played it when I was making food, played it when I was washing, ironing. Everywhere. This is a wonderful song. In so many ways. Sing along. It has healing qualities.

Mr. Haddon, Deitrick- He’s Able. Holy is the Lord of Hosts. Stand Still (ft. Donnie McClurkin), Stand still. STAND STILL! Whatever else, this is a beautiful artiste. And obviously, I’m crazy about Stand Still.

Donnie McClurkin- Great is your Mercy. If I were to pick just one. Caribbean Medley too. Undiluted awesomeness!

Nicole C. Mullen- My Redeemer Lives. I fell madly in love with this song years ago. I’m still as madly in love with it now. “… And who told the ocean, you can only come this far”. This song has a life. Brings an image of creation and meshes it with the VERY SAME GOD we know today.

Gungor- The Earth is Yours. Check YouTube for this song.
Planetshakers- “I believe you’re my healer. I believe You’re all I need”.  Even Greater. 

Singers I love but can’t talk about because I gushed more than I should have above-
Ashmont Hill ( esp. Songs of Glory);
Casting Crowns (Mark Hall is just awesome. Just amazing. I adore Mark Hall. Such a friendly looking guy. Courageous- “Lord make us courageous!”,
Mikeschair – Here with Me. I play this song every time I need to feel God. Every time life has given me too much to bear. “Lord, I’m desperate for a sign, that I’m not just praying to the night sky.” He always answers though. That is, GOD.
Don Moen- My grandpa. Ageless. That’s not not a song title tho.  :). I believe there is more.
Lenny LeBlanc.

Propaganda- Background. So I went out with a friend. And we were catching up. He was fiddling with my phone and so I started fiddling with his. Then I asked, “You seem to have a lot of songs by this artist Propaganda and he said. Yes I do. I like his lyrics. They’re deep”. And so I found out for myself how deep the lyrics were. I could experience the “deepness” firsthand. One such song with the deepest lyrics is- Framed Stretch Marks. Awesomeness. Amazingness. Other songs and artists I have gotten to know from this friend of mine- Leigh Nash (My Idea of Heaven)- that video is spectacular. 112 Clique. Tedashii. Trip Lee. He actually was the first person to introduce me to Lecrae. But my mind wasn’t ready then. On a tangent, he and baby girl 2 should meet. They could talk gospel rap all day long. And I’d just listen. Sipping on a chocolate milkshake.
LARA GEORGE. ANGEL- Opomulero. Matthew West. Michael W. Smith. Paul Wilbur. Switchfoot. Matt Redman. Third Day. Tenth Avenue North.
But I digress. 😉


5 thoughts on “Gospel Music

  1. I like the song “Courageous” too. When I sing the song with Casting Crowns on my MP 3 player, I ask God to give me courage to stand. Especially on days I feel like a total wimp.

    I love Propaganda’s spoken word. He is one inspiring artist.

    Carman is my favorite Christian artist.

    I have heard of the people you mentioned but not the songs. I have some investigating to do, lol.

    1. Please do.
      I didn’t even mention some other favourites. Meanwhile though, I’ll be checking out Carman.
      Thanks for the comment. It’s deeply appreciated.

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