Freedom 13

A very long time ago
It was clear to everyone that Joseph did not like the farm work. Still every day after school, he trudged there, hoping this time he’d find out that he loved it. His parents were unable, unwilling too to send him anywhere. This was incredibly frustrating for a boy whose dreams sometimes kept him up at night. He had hopes of creating a manufacturing company that produced household items such as the glass cup that was reserved exclusively for his father. And the stove his mother only used on Christmas mornings. But it seemed that he was doomed to a life on the farm. That was when Monday came “visiting”. He was the only son of Joseph’s uncle. And it seemed that the only thing he was capable of doing properly was getting girls heartbroken. His mother lived in perpetual gratitude that no girl had ever gotten pregnant from his “escapades”. There were of course some whispers among the girls that his escapades with them were not wholly consensual but it was roughly dismissed. He was the handsomest male in their town after all. People were bound to want to drag him down.
A shorter period ago
When Jennifer stepped into the office bearing a pack of food, she only hoped no one would interrupt her while she ate.
When she got to the cubicle she currently shared with Jessica, she received no greeting, no teasing. She was about to ask if something was wrong when the growl in her stomach remanded her that she was starved. That night, Jessica did not creep into her room as she sometimes did, did not playfully shift around items and tease her about her OCD. Did not hog the covers. She attempted to sleep when she realised that in the car, Jessica had held herself apart. That she had not followed her into the bathroom to talk.
She stood up and went to Jessica’s room.
The door was locked.


7 thoughts on “Freedom 13

  1. It seems Freedom is from a secret box of manuscripts belonging to Adichie and Achebe.

    Incredible. Absolutely.

    I need to start from 1 again.

    Had a tough time not leaving a comment until now.

  2. Thank you so much for THIS comment. To be honest, it seemed like no one was reading. Wow, thanks!
    And by all means, start again 🙂

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