Freedom 12

“… We’re in a journey of truth and belief is the key, so open up your heart and let your light free…”  the music player crooned.
“Oh, and I feel like I’m glowing.  And I like where I’m going, tonight I’m showing up to shine” they chorused, in sync.
She turned her head. Jennifer smiled. Then she gently guided the curly head onto her lap.
The candles provided the room a sleepy ambience. Seductive almost. Johnson resisted the urge to sleep.
As if from a dream, Uncle Monday appeared. A time warp. The man looked as though he had stepped out of the room that time forgot.
Still the same ingratiating smile. Still the same egotistical grin. By the end of the night, it would be wiped off.
“I don’t understand” the curly haired one said. “I don’t think I ever did”
“It’s okay”, Jennifer replied.
Jessica sat up.
“No it’s not. It never was. I never told you I saw you holding Alex, did I? ”
“That I planted the money inside your bag?”
“No, but I guessed that one”
“Or that I left the door open for Uncle Monday to get inside your room? ”
The hand whitened that had been stroking the other’s hair. “What?”
“I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry. Please forgive me. I don’t know what came over me. I should have trusted you enough then to confront you. I should have screamed. But I didn’t. But you’re my friend again and I need you now. Maybe more than ever. Please?”
Jennifer pulled the head back down onto her lap and stroked it methodically.
“I’ll say this once, because I love you- that was a desperately shitty thing to do. In so many ways. But you’re my sister, my friend and I love you. And I always will. I forgive you, because that’s what love means to me. Giving and forgiving”
And once more, their hands clasped tightly together. And they smiled.
Uncle Monday bellowed, “He did what?”
“He told me everything”


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