Freedom 10

Jennifer was humming while preparing dinner. She knew Jessica was awake. Johnson knew Jessica was awake. Now Jessica needed to realise that she was not fooling anyone, pretending to be sleeping.  And the way to do that was through; toast.
For as long as anyone could remember, Jessica had loved toast. More than anything. It was breakfast, it was lunch, it was dinner. It was comfort food.
It was the instrument that had torn them apart. And now it would be the instrument bringing them together again.
Boarding school was a huge adjustment. From waking up in the middle of the night, feeling a strange sense of dissociation to the boys who “found” Jennifer, taking her away at the most inopportune times. Jessica felt deliriously homesick. Worse yet, she was paralysed; couldn’t do a thing about it. On the one hand, she hated boarding school and much preferred home but on the other, Jennifer was here and Jennifer was being extraordinarily solicitous of her.
The status quo changed when she first saw Alex. A transfer student, he had all the qualities she wanted in a boyfriend. He was smart, exceedingly so, he was tall, attractive and unattached. And best yet, he seemed to like HER. Not Jennifer. It wasn’t hard to fall in love with him. It was no hardship to get close to him. He smelled like berries.
They had so much in common. He was Prince Charmingly Awkward to Her Royal Clumsiness. They were a pair. He held court and she stayed by his side. Even the teachers noticed them.
They seemed joined at the hip. Scarcely could one leave than the other would follow.
It was Senior Secondary School, and slum books were being passed around. Which relationship seems most likely to succeed? They almost always won.
Soon school dispersed. Exams had been written and results were impending. Jennifer and Jessica returned home with mixed feelings.
The first couple of weeks went by just fine. Both sisters interned in their father’s office.
But everything changed the day Jennifer got a call from Alex.


3 thoughts on “Freedom 10

  1. That’s a very thorough, and well thought-out list, and I hope any young men who approach you after reading it will remember that they are indeed having to do with a lady. A well-spoken, well-written, lady, who knows her own mind, and is not afraid of making her opinions known. A lady, the type of which I believe the world could use a whole lot more of. God bless, and I’ll read you later.

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