Freedom 8

When life knocks you down, certain options seem preferable to others. Crying becomes preferred instead of laughter, groans instead of joyful shouts. In this case, life had knocked Jessica down badly. She felt beaten, bruised and worthless. The dirt from the metaphorical ground stuck to her skin and the shame she felt was so thick it seemed like a sweater.
She was unmarried and pregnant. She hadn’t even realised that she was pregnant until she was in the third month.
In her haste, backed by the fact that she had no one she felt comfortable enough to bounce decisions off of, she’d gone to a quack in a dingy hospital and attempted to have an abortion. Which would have solved her problem, except as she later found out- the man who’d “impregnated” her was certified to be sterile, incapable of having children of his own. Her uncle. And now she was wracked with severe pain, severe enough to take her to the hospital on admission … and to her sister’s church to scream for death.
Monday Ehijie was the older brother of the father of the twins, and Johnson.
Jennifer was 12 when their mother died, old enough to remember conversations between her mother and father where her mother had expressly asked her father to meet with him elsewhere. Remembering how gentle and kindhearted her mother was, she knew that she must have had a very good reason. Which she later found out.
When she was younger, Jennifer was the acknowledged wild child of the family. With a penchant for mischief and potent charisma, she had a way of drawing people out and making them smile. Every one she met couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Her sister Jessica was much quieter but she loved Jennifer with such intense devotion, no one ever dared say anything bad about her sister near her.
The status quo changed one rainy April morning when they were re-introduced to Uncle Monday.


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