Freedom 6

Jessica took several steadying breaths. If she didn’t, she would get flustered. He knew this. So she decided to turn the tables on him.
“Dad” she called.
He looked up hopefully.
She’d hardly called him that for a while.
“Daddy? “, she repeated.
He smiled now.
She noticed the smile.
“Where’s Johnson?”
The smile slid off his face.
Jessica woke up alone. It was dark. Her father had left. Probably to go do some business and bury his head in the sand some more.
She tried hard to sit up. The sharp pain in her stomach reminded her why she was here in the first place. She fell back down onto the bed heavily.
The sniffles came on and then she felt a weight on the bed and saw a hand extended to help her up.
She took it.
For the first time ever, Johnson felt overwhelmed, entirely by his family.
He had had a niggling bad feeling for days concerning his family. He had fasted. He had prayed. He had called upon his church to pray concerning his family.
Even still, the feeling remained. He and his father were not exactly on talking terms.
His sister, Jessica,  the crown princess of the family in her dad’s eyes and he had a lukewarm relationship.
It was her twin, Jennifer to whom he felt closest.
When he went to Nigeria, it was to her apartment. When he wanted to laugh, when he had news to share. She was his family, in every way that counted. She reminded him so much of their mother. But right this minute, right now, he didn’t feel in his heart that she needed his prayers as much as their father did.  And so he was in a conundrum. He hadn’t spoken to Jessica in exactly 3 years. He felt weird calling her. But then, he knew that the rift between their father and Jennifer was legendary. And he did not have his father’s number either.
He made for bed and then he felt rather than heard, an instruction, a command to get on the 8:20pm flight to Nigeria.
He tried to shrug it off.
Brushing his teeth, the voice gave the instruction again, very clearly this time. He rinsed off and called for a cab.


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