Freedom (5)

When Jennifer went back to church on Wednesday, she expected that she’d have to explain, to apologise, to reassure. Instead, there was a brief moment of silence and then a babble of voices asking how she was.
Looking into their faces and seeing the concern there, she realised that she had been a fool.
All this time, all those days, consigned to the loneliness of her thoughts, the shame and anger of her memories, the singleness she had shielded herself with deliberately when all along there were people who might have understood. But she had never given them a chance. Had never agreed to attend any of their private get- togethers. So many years in the same church and no one had been told where she lived.
She met the eyes of Brother Daniel. And decided to let them in, just a little.
So when he repeated the question, when he asked again how she was, she took a deep breath and spilled a drop from the well gushing inside her.
“The girl who was screaming the other day, that’s my twin sister”
He looked at her in shock.
Her sister?
She had not called her that in his presence for years, not caring that they looked exactly alike.
And now she was her sister?
Jessica…”, he started
She raised a hand.
“Jessica…”, he repeated.
“I’m the one on this bed. I’m the one you betrayed. I’m the one who was warned about you. I believe that earns me the right to speak?”, she asked, the question seeming like a challenge.
He sighed, defeated.
She sat up.


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