Freedom (4)

The man stood at the entrance to the room, hesitant, unwilling to chance moving, or alerting the girls to his presence.
A passing nurse brushed by him leading him to shift, causing two eyes to meet his. Jennifer.
“How are you?”, he asked.
She kept staring.
“How are you?” he repeated, uncomfortable with the continued stare.
“Were you planning to stay in the doorway forever?”, she asked in turn.
He sighed.
“I was afraid…” he started
“I called you here didn’t I? She needs to see you. I don’t. Not really”
He sighed again.
“I know this is entirely the wrong thing to say, so forgive me in advance. But, when will you forgive me Jennifer?”
“When you stop being a coward. When you apologize. When you look me in the eye. Take your pick”
“I love her…”, he started again, still not looking her in the eye.
“… and that is why I called you in the first place”, she finished for him.
Then she walked away, hissing loudly as she went by him, still standing in the doorway.
The voice startled him. He turned to the figure on the bed. He’d thought she was sleeping soundly.
Staring fixatedly at him, she repeated, “My sister, she’s right in one way. You are a coward”


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