Some remarks in this post might be considered discriminatory to those who adore the thought of not looking like themselves. If you happen to be one of those, and have an ego fragile as glass, “puo n’ebe a! Osiso!”

P.s- This post will contain loads of pictures of my face. No snarky comments please!


Growing up, I was your average cute, pretty, super- introverted talkative. A contradiction, I know. My class teacher, Mrs. Akomolafe once remarked (after I’d chased Bolu (a friend, who I really miss) around the class, telling him a lot of boring stories, that she’d always thought I was taciturn. I do not know why this statement made me so happy. But it did. And it still does.

Back to the matta;

Growing up, my mother had a strict policy concerning me: I could do nothing, absolutely nothing, that would attract boys to me. Thus, lipstick, perfumes, lip gloss and painted nails were absolutely forbidden. Not that the boys did not come. They did. But what Mummy doesn’t know, will not hurt Mummy or give Mummy high blood pressure.

Now however, the same person who continuously ragged on me about not wearing makeup is the same one who happily encourages me to wear it now. Trussing me up for the marriage market, I guess.

For story background, this is how I look with makeup on-


Do not be deceived, my contacts are gray.

Without makeup, this is how I look-

Image or

Image or

In all the immediate above pictures, not a stitch of makeup is on my face. I’m gorgeous and I know it. 🙂


The following are the reasons I hate makeup-

a) It is a nightmare to remove- Image

Not off yet.


Still not off.


Some of it is still on, even now.


Do you know how expensive my face cleanser is? Even cotton wool sef, comes at a cost. Scroll up to that picture of the cotton wool again. Think of doing that, EVERYDAY.

I. No. Fit!

Why would I want to put myself through that stress everyday? For a face that isn’t mine and even makes me feel weird? That brings me to reason 2-

b) I never feel like me wearing makeup.

I become a dainty, breakable version of myself. I cant even eat properly. Instead, I’m sitting like this-


unable to eat, and smiling like this-Image.

Which brings me to reason no. 3-

c) I’m a big fan of comfort-

Image and Image.

Notice how most of my pics are taken when I’m seated, or lying down. And;

Clean face + foundation+ eye shadow + mascara + lipstick/gloss + brown(ish) powder + blush + amazing hair, might have me looking like this-  , Image

but it has me feeling like this-


My routine currently is this- Clean face + glasses/ contact lenses + moisturized face + lipstick. And it works, for me.

Until the next time I have an event and have to be gussied up, expect to see me looking like this- Image

because I cannot go through all that stress. I refuse to.

P.s- If you thought this post was simply a way to show off my face, you’d be right.

Thanks for reading.



It was approximately 2 in the morning, people were drowsy, some others still attempted to dance. Then Micah Stampley came on stage belting out songs that not a lot of people had realized he’d sung. The drowsy got up, the dancers began to jump and those of us more vertically challenged than their anterior counterparts, stood up on their chairs. Within mere minutes, the bottles began to fly, one hitting my friend, and almost hurting her. Those on their chairs calmly continued dancing, most not caring about their enemies at the back. Eventually the bottle throwing died down.
It was 3 am. A rousing performance by Kingsley Ike had just been concluded and the number of people standing on their chairs had greatly swelled. There was no way to see the stage, or even to see the projectors. We were reduced to listening, no longer seeing.
Then the rumor was started that Don Moen would soon take the stage and the bottle throwing, which had stopped before, now intensified, with both parties contributing. A bottle hit someone’s eye, another almost hit someone’s head. People forgot that we’d come to praise GOD and fights broke out everywhere. Screams rent the air, insults were exchanged, combatants were separated and I desperately wished I’d brought my aspirin along.
Work out thy salvation with trembling and fear.
The things that surprised me most, was how comfortable people felt with yelling insults, throwing water and even bottles. Fortunately, the bottles were plastic and despite being thrown with force and anger, did no fatal damage. I wanted, at a point, to remind them that we were at a gospel concert. That we came to praise GOD.  Then it occurred to me. I had come to the concert because I, Obianuju, wanted to praise God. Even though bottles were being thrown, even though people were standing on their chairs, even though curses had been thrown around and whistles were blown during the prayer session- I COULD STILL HEAR. So I chose to get from the concert, every blessing that I could.
And it occurred to me, what truly is anyone’s business with other people’s lives? If a person did not greet me in the morning, did that mean I would not eat? If someone gossiped, saying hurtful and untrue things about me, do those things they’ve said subtract anything from my character? I understand about how hurtful lies can destroy business, or even relationships but on a personal level, what other people decide to say about me, will only hurt me if I let it do that.
You can only be made to feel inferior with your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt.
Let us apply this statement to our lives strictly for a week and see what happens. Your neighbour bought a new generator and it is keeping you up at night. Please buy earmuffs. I am in the law school and these days, the focus is no longer on litigation but on arbitration; on settling. You cannot take your neighbours to court and after that expect them to invite you for their child dedication. Obviously, I speak concerning issues that are minor. If you suspect your neighbour of being a child molester, go and report to the police. Please!
But for things, over which you have no control, or over which the exercise of your control means that drastic, ill advised steps would be taken, please measure the crime with the proposed punishment. Ask yourself: what is the worst thing that would happen if I ignored this person? What would be the worst thing that would happen if I replied? Weigh each in turn. Then pray. Do as GOD has led you.
But ultimately, mind your own business. Unless asked for, keep your own counsel. I once heard this statement: Nobody can arrest you/ convict you based on your thoughts.
We are the light of the world, the salt of the earth. People don’t seem to pay attention when you do good things. But as soon as you, as a Christian girl or boy begin to fight, you will realize that you are always being watched.
A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. God sees all. He rewards all. He rewards those who do right constantly. If you for instance, had been a good Christian brother up till the time you began to throw bottles at someone else with the intention to hurt them badly, if you were a good Christian sister, until the day that you decided to smoke marijuana and shoot someone, think; if GOD called you right at that minute, would he be concerned with your good deeds of before or with your bad deeds of the present?
Would he care, that the reason you threw a bottle into someone else’s eyes was because you could not see?
Does GOD really care that your wife didn’t cook food before she left and that is why you beat her up?
No, HE doesn’t.
Work out YOUR OWN SALVATION with trembling and fear. Everyone, even identical twins will report on their own to God. What you do in the dark will come to light. The bottles you threw, the people who came to the concert that you blocked with your body, HE has seen it all.
Please, work out your own salvation with trembling and fear. If you by your good attitude, cause people to go to heaven, If you, by your kindness, make life easier for others, you will be rewarded. Likewise, if by your sin, others are influenced and sin as well, you will be punished.
May GOD help you by his grace, to be both a hearer and a doer of HIS WORD.