An Audience of One

Once in a while, I read a story so beautifully written, I have to spread it. Anything else would be a disservice.
With that introduction, please read and enjoy and learn.


Lord you see every part of me
I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve found
It’s time to take this inside…
And all my insecurity
It always gets the best of me, now

You and I will be alright
If there’s nothing more to come
’cause lord I know I sing tonight
For an audience of one

Sanctus Real Audience of One

Reading Our Daily Bread recently, I came across the interesting story about one of Bach’s performances. This particular one had no audience! Apparently, Bach had expected that the Church would be filled up for this performance but upon his arrival, he was informed that not a single soul had turned up. The church was empty except for Bach and his musicians, even though the performance was to debut a new composition. Rather than being disappointed, without hesitation, the composer got his musicians together and they performed as planned. Soon, the…

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