Stalking, as defined by the Encarta Dictionary, circa 2007, means one of two types of harassment-

1. stealthy pursuit: the act or process of stealthily following or trying to approach somebody or something
2. act of steady harassment: the crime of harassing somebody with persistent, inappropriate, and unwanted attention.In simpler terms, stalking means unwanted attention from a person, with the added element of fear for your safety.


Being a lawyer (becoming one anyway), I’ll give you the Black’s Law Dictionary meaning.Here goes:

Stalking is the  act of following or loitering near another, often surreptitiously, with the purpose of annoying or harassing that person or of committing a further crime, such as assault and battery.

Some statutory definitions include an element that the person being stalked must reasonably feel harassed, alarmed or distressed about their personal safety or the safety of one or more persons for whom the person is responsible.

For more definitions, please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalking, for more information. Thank you.

Relating it to me, I tend to, while browsing, focus on someone’s Facebook page or tweet history, reading it continuously until I’m done and leaving comments as I see fit. This has been construed by some as stalking.

But some things jump out at me. In all the above definitions, stalking is defined as harassment. Maybe I’m guilty of that. If I am, correct me gently and I will stop. But, unless you feel genuinely harassed, or fear for your safety, DO NOT CALL ME A STALKER. EVER.

In case this has not crossed your minds, stalking is a crime. Not in Nigeria yet, but I presume it might be soon. Now think, darlings, how you would feel if, for instance, you left a comment on my Facebook wall or replying to something on my Twitter Feed and then had me call you a stalker. How. Would. You. Feel?

Think Hard.

Now let me exacerbate the anger. How would you feel if I happened to call you a stalker, in public, without even the courtesy of using a DM? Or even a Facebook message.

I try hard to go only where I’m wanted. And the Nigerian legal scene is predicated mostly on the position that all lawyers and aspiring lawyers must be “fit and proper”.

It is not fit and proper for an aspiring lawyer to be accused of stalking, however jokingly.

This post was written out of rage. It seems calm, the tone, but believe me, every time I think about the incident, I get enraged all over again. I keep praying but the rage has not left. I don’t know why. This is a last ditch effort to get rid of said rage.

Call me a stalker once and I’ll write a post.

Do it twice and never come or call anywhere near me.

You have been warned.



  1. Could it be the person(s) in question did not know the meaning and meant no harm? Sometimes we credit people with more knowledge than they possess.

    I guess the reason why there’s access to old posts when you are linked to people is to access them. If that’s ‘stalking’, you’re my current ‘victim’. 😀

    *hugs* you be good.

    1. I presume so. All I know is that I had a panic attack and then I got really angry.
      I got over it though so no biggie.
      Btw, you can stalk me all you want

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